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Writing for Craigsbank (illustrated lecture with live performance)

Exhibition / Performance
Burton, K. Writing for Craigsbank (illustrated lecture with live performance)
[Illustrated lecture with live performance]. Exhibited at Edinburgh, Scotland. 30 November 2021 - 27 November 2017. (Unpublished
Following the premiere of my site-specific work for performance at Craigsbank Parish Church (originally titled Floating Sanctuary), I was invited to talk to the Church of Scot...

for St Albert's

Burton, K. (2021)
for St Albert's. Edinburgh, Scotland
A site-specific work informed by the architectural design of the Chapel of St Albert the Great, Edinburgh. The piece received multiple performances in the space on September 2...

Cymatics: The Visualization of Sound

Digital Artefact
McGowan, J. (2021)
Cymatics: The Visualization of Sound. [Podcast]
'We Have No Idea' is a podcast that explores and discusses ideas relating to everything we think we know. Each episode features the host, Adrian Walker, in conversation with e...

The Sound of Architecture - Guest Blog Historic Environment Scotland

Digital Artefact
Burton, K. (2021)
The Sound of Architecture - Guest Blog Historic Environment Scotland. [Website]
Historic Environment Scotland published a guest blog about my site-specific compositions for three post-war and contemporary churches in Scotland. The blog was published in J...

The effects of dual-task interference in predicting turn-ends in speech and music

Journal Article
Fisher, N. K., Hadley, L. V., Corps, R. E., & Pickering, M. J. (2021)
The effects of dual-task interference in predicting turn-ends in speech and music. Brain Research, 1768,
Determining when a partner’s spoken or musical turn will end requires well-honed predictive abilities. Evidence suggests that our motor systems are activated during perception...

(Dis)locating Democratisation: Grime, Digitalisation, and 'The PlayStation Generation'

Presentation / Conference
Harkins, P. (2021, May)
(Dis)locating Democratisation: Grime, Digitalisation, and 'The PlayStation Generation'. Paper presented at Annual Symposium of Music Scholars in Finland, Online
For many commentators over the last two decades, digitisation represents nothing short of a watershed moment in how music is produced, stored, and consumed. In this paper, I a...

The worst is yet to come: the psychological impact of COVID-19 on Hong Kong music teachers

Journal Article
Cheng, L., & Lam, C. Y. (2021)
The worst is yet to come: the psychological impact of COVID-19 on Hong Kong music teachers. Music Education Research, 23(2), 211-224.
The COVID-19 pandemic has made online and distance learning the new normal at all levels of education. Music as a school subject that relies heavily on multimodal sensory and ...

A Good Pair of Ears: Conceiving of and developing aural skills in popular music education

Book Chapter
Stillie, B., & Moir, Z. (2021)
A Good Pair of Ears: Conceiving of and developing aural skills in popular music education. In K. D. Cleland, & P. Fleet (Eds.), The Routledge Companion to Aural Skills Pedagogy: Before, In and Beyond Higher Education. New York: Routledge.
When musicians and music educators consider aural training, many of us have a tendency to imagine students transcribing melodic dictation, identifying chord progressions, inte...

Ground Control and Cloud Booths: Using Dante to break geographical barriers to music production

Book Chapter
Ferguson, P., & Hook, D. (2021)
Ground Control and Cloud Booths: Using Dante to break geographical barriers to music production. In R. Hepworth-Sawyer, R. Toulson, & J. Paterson (Eds.), Innovation in Music: Future Opportunities (89-105). Abingdon: Routledge
In January 2013 the authors became early adopters of Focusrite RedNet. The RedNet Dante-based audio-over-IP interfaces gave their studios and performance areas very flexible c...

Low-latency Networked Music Collaborations: Does ‘good enough’ do enough good?

Journal Article
Dylan Smith, G., Moir, Z., Ferguson, P., & Davies, G. (2020)
Low-latency Networked Music Collaborations: Does ‘good enough’ do enough good?. Journal of Network Music and Arts, 2(1),
LoLa is a cutting-edge technology that enables low latency, real-time collaborations across vast distances using high-bandwidth, low-jitter networks. It has the capacity to tr...
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Mountain Biking Data Sonification

2021 - 2021
We are embarking on a collaborative project between Music, the Sports, Exercise, and Health Science Research Group, and the Mountain Bike Centre of Scotland (MTBCOS) in a project encouraging people to...
Funder: Arts & Humanities Research Council | Value: £971

New directions in digital jazz studies: music information retrieval and AI support for jazz scholarship in digital archives

2021 - 2023
The key research questions that motivate this project may be framed this way: How can we increase the value of jazz archives by applying technology and developing methods for digital musicology and hu...
Funder: Arts & Humanities Research Council | Value: £30,017

Edinburgh Jazz & Blues Festival Research Project

2019 - 2022
This research project explores the interdependencies between stakeholders within the Scottish jazz and blues scenes through the gathering and processing of data from musicians, promoters, audiences an...
Funder: Edinburgh International Jazz & Blues Festival | Value: £29,000

Uncovering the Secrets of the Fairlight: The Device that Revolutionised Pop in the 1980s

2019 - 2020
This event is a rare opportunity to find out more about a musical instrument that was worth £100,000 in the 1980s when it was used in the making of records by Afrika Bambaataa, Kate Bush, and Frankie ...
Funder: University of London | Value: £799

ENSEMBLE Performing Together Apart: Enhancing Immersive Multi-Location Co-Performance in Real Time

2018 - 2018
The feeling of being immersed within a live performance by an ensemble of world class musicians can be a deeply engaging and highly valued cultural experience for audiences as well as for the performe...
Funder: Arts & Humanities Research Council | Value: £58,268

Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction to support self-management of anxiety and depression following stroke: development and feasibility cluster randomised trial

2017 - 2018
: Anxiety and depression are common after stroke. Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction courses teach people with long-term conditions (LTCs) skills such as meditation to help them self-manage anxiety an...
Funder: Chief Scientists Office | Value: £646

Multi-Gigabit European Research Network & Associated Services (eMusic)

2013 - 2015
This proposal details activities that will ensure the continued enhancement and ongoing operation of the leading-edge GÉANT network, supporting a range of network and added-value services, targeted at...
Funder: European Commission | Value: £13,417
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Hybridisation as an experiential phenomenon: A practice-based approach towards conceptualising musical hybridisation

2018 - date
James Hind | Director of Studies: Prof Haftor Medboe | Second Supervisor: Dr Zack Moir

An autoethnography of Scottish hip-hop: social commentary, outsiderdom, locality and authenticity

2016 - 2018
Dr Dave Hook | Director of Studies: Prof Haftor Medboe

Real-time 3D graphic augmentation of music therapy sessions for people on the autism spectrum

2015 - 2019
Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is a lifelong neurodevelopmental disorder that can affect people in a number...
Dr John McGowan | Director of Studies: Dr Gregory Leplatre | Second Supervisor: Dr Iain McGregor

Cultural identity and transnational heritage in contemporary jazz: a practice-based study of composition and collaboration

2011 - 2013
This study focuses on three albums of original music performed and recorded by...
Prof Haftor Medboe | Director of Studies: Prof Chris Atton

The role of niche tourism products in destination development

2009 - 2011
Niche tourism refers to how a specific tourism product can be tailored to meet the needs of a particular audience/market segment. Locations...
Prof Jane Ali-Knight | Director of Studies: Prof John Ensor

Complex pleasures: designing optional interactions for public spaces

2008 - 2017
This research will investigate the nature of interactions between people and experience-oriented technologies such as new-media artw...
Dr Ingi Helgason | Director of Studies: Dr Michael Smyth

Development of a 3D audio panning and realtime visualisation toolset using emerging technologies

2004 - 2010
Dr Paul Ferguson | Second Supervisor: Dr Gregory Leplatre

1995 - 1999
Prof Chris Atton
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Music team and technology helps bring twins virtually together for the BBC World Service 'Digital Planet' programme

5 September 2019
Edinburgh Napier and the Royal College of Music has helped bring musicians virtually together as part of a special 18th birthday edition of the BBC World Service’s Digital Planet programme. Led in E...

Dr Zack Moir Elected to the Board of Directors of the Prestigious Association for Popular Music Education

26 June 2019
Dr Zack Moir from Music has been elected to serve on the Board of Directors of the Association for Popular Music Education, which is an international organisation with a mission to promote and advance...

University Academic Publishes New Edited Volume on Popular Music Education

3 April 2019
Dr Zack Moir, lecturer in music, has just published his new edited volume ’The Bloomsbury Handbook of Popular Music Education: Perspectives and Practices’, which features chapters from three other mem...

University Academics and Students Engage in Live Improvisation Over Networks at Prestigious International Conference

2 April 2019
Can a network performance be defined, planned and executed in 90 minutes? Teams of attendees and remote performers at the Network Performing Arts Production Workshop in Prague were tasked with creatin...

Music students take on trans-atlantic music composition project with students in New Jersey

28 January 2019
Zack Moir and Bryden Stillie from music have, in collaboration with Andy Krikun from Bergen Community College in New Jersey, USA, launched an international songwriting/composition project. Each of the...

Festival Promoters Symposium - Continental Drift Conference: Festivals Edition

13 July 2018
A symposium event organised Edinburgh Napier University in association with the Edinburgh Jazz & Blues Festival. 14 JULY, 2018, 12:00 – 16:00 AT TEVIOT ROW, EDINBURGH Continental Drift presents an a...

Brutal or Beautiful: Edinburgh Napier team encourages different view of modernist buildings

6 July 2018
A team from Edinburgh Napier is encouraging members of the public to view brutalist architecture in a different light – through the use of music and design.

Edinburgh Napier academic uses personal experience of living with diabetes to inspire composition

3 July 2018
An Edinburgh Napier academic is using his personal experience of living with diabetes to fuel his passion for making music. Dr Zack Moir, lecturer in popular music at the University, was diagnosed wit...

Exhibition - 40th Anniversary of Edinburgh Jazz & Blues Festival

1 July 2018
An exhibition of photography, print and ephemera relating to forty years of Edinburgh Jazz & Blues Festival curated by Dr Haftor Medbøe, Associate Professor of Music at Edinburgh Napier University and...

Music and Design Staff Showcase their Work at the Architecture Fringe

11 June 2018
The SituLab Research Group (Dr Katrina Burton, Dr Samantha Vettese, Dr Kathy Vones) and invited musician, Joanna Stark presented their ongoing project into how the public respond to modern architectur...