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Continental Style Zebra Crossings

2018 - 2020
This project is to assess the feasibility of making continental style zebra crossings legal on Scotland's roads and to test their impact on pedestrian safety, attitudes and experience. Scotland provi...
Funder: Rees Jeffreys Road Fund | Value: £18,480

Actions demonstrate how Park4SUMP will lead to achieve sustainable transport in urban areas by strategically integrating innovative parking management solutions into SUMP policies

2018 - 2022
Parking management should be an important part of sustainable urban mobility planning (SUMP) but unfortunately, it is one the most underdeveloped segments. Most EU member states lack national level po...
Funder: European Commission | Value: £187,417


2016 - 2019
The objectives of this project are as follows. The project will: 1. Produce a culture shift in terms of environment for Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans (SUMPs) in member states and in the organisatio...
Funder: European Commission | Value: £254,160


2015 - 2016
The CIVITAS-DYN@MO mission is to strengthen sustainable mobility through promoting non-polluting lifestyles, through social interaction and collaboration on the basis of the new media, and through in...
Funder: European Commission | Value: £115,400


2013 - 2016
The mission of CIVITAS CAPITAL is to contribute significantly to the goals of the EU's Transport White Paper by capitalising systematically on the results of CIVITAS and creating an effective "value c...
Funder: European Commission | Value: £62,823

Active Access

2009 - 2012
Active Access aims to increase the use of cycling but especially walking for short everyday trips in local areas, in order to benefit people’s health, and the health of the local economy. It aims to t...
Funder: European Commission | Value: £308,400
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