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Newly Engineered Energy-based Features for Supervised Anomaly Detection in a Physical Model of a Water Supply System

Journal Article
Robles-Durazno, A., Moradpoor, N., McWhinnie, J., Russell, G., & Tan, Z. (in press)
Newly Engineered Energy-based Features for Supervised Anomaly Detection in a Physical Model of a Water Supply System  . Ad hoc networks,
Industrial Control Systems (ICS) are hardware, network, and software, upon which a facility depends to allow daily operations to function. In most cases society takes the oper...

Workplace information literacy: Measures and methodological challenges

Journal Article
Widén, G., Ahmad, F., Nikou, S., Ryan, B., & Cruickshank, P. (2021)
Workplace information literacy: Measures and methodological challenges. Journal of Information Literacy, 15(2),
This paper focuses information literacy (IL) from a methodological perspective, addressing quantitative IL measures, suitable for evaluating the role of IL in supporting work...

The RIVAL project: how to build a new network from scratch; how to adapt to enforced online delivery

Presentation / Conference
Ryan, B. (2021, June)
The RIVAL project: how to build a new network from scratch; how to adapt to enforced online delivery. Paper presented at CILIPS, Online
The RIVAL project ( aimed to build a ‘collaborative network of Scotland-based Library and Information Science (LIS) researchers and practising library and...

Plugging the Data Gap: Freelance Workers in the Creative Industries

Panneels, I., Terras, M., Jones, C., Helgason, I., & Komorowski, M. (2021)
Plugging the Data Gap: Freelance Workers in the Creative Industries.
The lack of data on the self-employed and freelance workforce is a particularly severe problem for the creative industries, which are disproportionately made up of freelancers...

FameLab, cultural relations and 'going virtual' at the time of a pandemic

Kerr, G. (2021)
FameLab, cultural relations and 'going virtual' at the time of a pandemic. London: British Council
EDITOR'S NOTES This contribution by Gary Kerr, taking the example of one of the British Council’s flagship partnership programmes – FameLab – covers the notion and nature of s...

Breaking down disciplinary walls: redefining the teaching of Translation for Intercultural Dialogue

Presentation / Conference
Penman, C., & Wilkinson, J. (2021, May)
Breaking down disciplinary walls: redefining the teaching of Translation for Intercultural Dialogue. Paper presented at Breaking down the walls of Babel: dialogues in translation, University of Warwick
The study of translation is experiencing a revival and a transformation as recognition of its pedagogical value beyond the training of future translators grows. Training in tr...

(Dis)locating Democratisation: Grime, Digitalisation, and 'The PlayStation Generation'

Presentation / Conference
Harkins, P. (2021, May)
(Dis)locating Democratisation: Grime, Digitalisation, and 'The PlayStation Generation'. Paper presented at Annual Symposium of Music Scholars in Finland, Online
For many commentators over the last two decades, digitisation represents nothing short of a watershed moment in how music is produced, stored, and consumed. In this paper, I a...

Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain for Future Cybersecurity Applications

Maleh, Y., Baddi, Y., Alazab, M., Tawalbeh, L., & Romdhani, I. (Eds.)
(2021). Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain for Future Cybersecurity Applications. Cham: Springer.
Presents the state-of-the-art and the latest discoveries in the field of Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain techniques and methods for future cybersecurity applications P...

A Conceptual Framework for Establishing Trust in Real World Intelligent Systems

Journal Article
Guckert, M., Gumpfer, N., Hannig, J., Keller, T., & Urquhart, N. (2021)
A Conceptual Framework for Establishing Trust in Real World Intelligent Systems. Cognitive Systems Research, 68, 143-155.
Intelligent information systems that contain emergent elements often encounter trust problems because results do not get sufficiently explained and the procedure itself can no...

A hybrid CNN-LSTM model for predicting PM2.5 in Beijing based on spatiotemporal correlation

Journal Article
Ding, C., Wang, G., Zhang, X., Liu, Q., & Liu, X. (in press)
A hybrid CNN-LSTM model for predicting PM2.5 in Beijing based on spatiotemporal correlation. Environmental and Ecological Statistics,
Long-term exposure to air environments full of suspended particles, especially PM2.5, would seriously damage people's health and life (i.e., respiratory diseases and lung canc...



446 results

PhD Studentship 2019: Work Based Learning and Firm Performance

2021 - 2027
The PhD studentship project will analyse the benefits and challenges of work-based learning (WBL) in organisations and develop a maturity model for benchmarking and a toolkit for maximising value and ...
Funder: Economic and Social Research Council | Value: £52,661

Keep Learning

2021 - 2024
The project proposes a novel architecture for designing optimisation systems that “keeps learning” when exposed to a continual stream of instances: these systems will autonomously adapt their compone...
Funder: Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council | Value: £388,219

SICSA Research Theme Event for IEEE DSC 2022

2021 - 2022
The IEEE Conference on Dependable and Secure Computing seeks papers, posters, and experiences for presenting innovative research results, solutions, and new challenges in the field of dependable and s...
Funder: The Scottish Informatics & Computer Science Alliance | Value: £2,000

KTP Ace Aquatec

2021 - 2023
To develop, test and incorporate Innovative AI based approaches to improve accuracy of Individual fish identification and sea lice detection.
Funder: Innovate UK | Value: £237,334

IV: wearable IoT sensor design for sound & light control and location & position tracking

2021 - 2021
This project focusses on creating a system which will improve performers control over the audio/visuals/special effects of an attraction. This will be done by creating an easy-to-use system featuring ...
Funder: Scottish Funding Council | Value: £5,000

Let's Play Wester Hailes: Community Produced Video Games of Edinburgh

2021 - 2022
This project aims to engage children and young people with the computer games industry. Working with WHALE Arts we will build games and upload them onto bespoke arcade machines. The games created wi...
Funder: Royal Academy of Engineering | Value: £25,708

RoadSage- Autonomously warns on-road tailgaters

2021 - 2021
The ultimate aim of the project “Hyperse” is to minimize the number of car accidents taking place daily on the roads caused by tailgating. Hence, this project seeks to build an IoT-based system that ...
Funder: Scottish Funding Council | Value: £4,450

The Scottish Revival Network

2021 - 2023
The Scottish Revival Network will initiate conversations and debates on the aims, scope, influences and international connections of the Scottish Revival in literature and culture from the 1880s to th...
Funder: Royal Society of Edinburgh | Value: £19,975

Smart City Transitions in South East Scotland: Accelerating Digital Twin Technology Deployment in Urban Transformation Processes

2021 - 2025
Smart city development exposes the coevolutionary nature of technology and society, as well as the systemic character of innovation. Bringing new technologies into society is not sufficient to improve...
Funder: Scottish Government | Value: £29,999

COG-MHEAR: Towards cognitively-inspired, 5G-IoT enabled multi-modal hearing aids

2021 - 2025
Embracing the multimodal nature of speech presents both opportunities and challenges for hearing assistive technology: on the one hand there are opportunities for the design of new multimodal audio-vi...
Funder: Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council | Value: £3,259,000



Qualification level

64 results

Interaction and participation: investigating the impact of mobile technologies on screen-based industries and audiences

2020 - date
James Blake | Director of Studies: Dr Kirsten MacLeod | Second Supervisor: Prof Chris Atton

Evaluation of engagement with hyperlocal e-participation systems by citizens and representatives

2019 - date
Peter Cruickshank | Director of Studies: Prof Hazel Hall

Research grounded support of student learning in Higher Education: The importance of dialogue and subject embedded, contextualised language and content

2017 - 2018
Dr Kendall Richards | Director of Studies: Dr Colin Smith | Second Supervisor: Prof Sally Smith

Application of evolutionary machine learning in metamorphic malware analysis and detection

2017 - date
Ms Kehinde Babaagba | Director of Studies: Dr Thomas Tan | Second Supervisor: Prof Emma Hart

Enhancing storm surge resilience for coastal habitat: A framework to support sustainable development

2016 - date
In most countries, population, poor management of water policies, infrastructure and coastal develop...
Ms Anitha Karthik | Director of Studies: Dr Luca Mora | Second Supervisor: Prof Sean Smith

Intermediated Reality

2016 - 2020
Real-time solutions to reducing the gap between virtual and physical worlds for photorealistic interactive Augmented Reality (AR) are presented. First, a method of texture deforma...
Dr Llogari Casas Cambra | Director of Studies: Prof Kenny Mitchell | Second Supervisor: Dr Kevin Chalmers

A journey that motivates: Discovering the associate student experience

2015 - date
Debbie Meharg | Director of Studies: Ms Alison Varey | Second Supervisor: Dr Sandra Cairncross

Impact of ubiquitous real-time information on bus passenger route choice

2015 - 2018
Real Time Travel Information (RTTI) systems deliver information to a wide range of travellers using different modes, with the ai...
Mr Faqhrul Islam | Director of Studies: Dr Achille Fonzone | Second Supervisor: Dr Andrew MacIver

Exploring the development of innovative work behaviour of employees in multiple workplace contexts

2015 - 2020
The Scottish Government and supporting bodies have recognised the importance of innovation for organis...
Mrs Lyndsey Middleton | Director of Studies: Prof Hazel Hall | Second Supervisor: Prof Robert Raeside

The influence of illuminated road studs on safe driving behaviour

2015 - date
The aim of this research is to identify and quantify the changes to driver behaviour, with a specific emphasis on safety, that result f...
Richard Llewellyn | Director of Studies: Dr Jonathan Cowie | Second Supervisor: Mike Maher



141 results

Edinburgh Napier appoints Rosie Howie as Publisher in Residence

6 May 2021
The Bookseller, the leading publishing industry magazine, ran a feature on our ground-breaking Publisher in Residence appointment. Full page coverage of my initiative (two years in the making), firs...

Dr Scott Lyall awarded RSE Network Grant

15 December 2020
Dr Scott Lyall (PI) has been awarded a Network Grant from the Royal Society of Edinburgh to found and facilitate a Scottish Revival Network. He will collaborate with Dr Michael Shaw (CI) of the Univer...

Dr Mark Taylor Appointed to BSI Working Group on Human Exposure to Mechanical Vibration and Shock

5 October 2020
Dr Mark Taylor (Lectuer in Civil Engineering) has been nominated to represent Edinburgh Napier University at a British Standards Institution Working Group (GME/21/6).

Dr Scott Lyall is a guest speaker on Times Radio

10 August 2020
Dr Scott Lyall was an invited guest speaker on Times Radio Breakfast Show, interviewed by Stig Abell, to discuss the Scottish poet Hugh MacDiarmid on the anniversary of his birth. Born in Langholm on...

Alistair Duff Interviewed: "Coronavirus, the Information Age & 1984!"

8 June 2020
The Asia Scotland Institute has released a vidcast with Professor Alistair Duff, Professor of Information Policy at Edinburgh Napier University, Edinburgh. Professor Duff addresses the extent to which...

School of Computing Group Project Prize 2020

3 May 2020
The winners of the best group project 2020 are chosen in an online event by Computershare.

University teams up with community researchers to help improve their neighbourhood

6 February 2020
A Team of community researchers will join forces with academics to help improve their neighbourhood. UK Research and Innovation today announced its backing for the Seven Kingdoms of Wester Hailes, on...

How working together delivered the key to unlocking the value of health data to European citizens

2 December 2019
Symphonic integrated into the EU Shield project, and which aims to share health care information across Europe, in a trusted way. Symphonic integrated a consent module which allows patient consent dat...

University Spin-out - Cyan Forensics - Wins at GovTech Summit 2019

18 November 2019
The third Cybersecurity spin-out from The Cyber Academy at Edinburgh Napier University was the winner at PitchGovTech as part of the GovTech Summit 2019.

Prof Al Duff Featured in Sunday Express

5 October 2019
A revolt is needed to protect our privacy, leading professor claims Professor Alistair Duff insists the rise of technology such as facial recognition (FRT), CCTV and smart devices is robbing us of ou...



159 results