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Training load, injury and performance in professional football

2019 - date
Francesco Aiello | Director of Studies: Dr Susan Brown | Second Supervisor: Dr Alan McCall

The Crisis in Masculinity: An Lacanian Exploration

2019 - date
Massimiliano Murra | Director of Studies: Dr Calum Neill | Second Supervisor: Dr Stephanie Fohring

The Embedded Ethics of the Curriculum for Excellence

2019 - date
Terence Osborne | Director of Studies: Dr Calum Neill | Second Supervisor: Dr Stephanie Fohring

Suicide prevention training in CAMHS and its relationship to staff stress, clinical attitudes and judgement

2019 - date
Susan Abbott-Smith | Director of Studies: Nadine Dougall | Second Supervisor: Dr Nicola Ring

Accounting for Carbon Emission Trading: Usefulness, Framework and Application

2019 - date
Chendi Wang | Director of Studies: Prof Simon Gao | Second Supervisor: Dr Matthew Bonnett

How Do Not Attempt Cardiopulmonary Resucitation forms entered and organised the working practices of senior social care workers in a residential care home in Scotland: An institutional ethnography

2016 - 2017
Lorna Reid | Director of Studies: Dr Angela Kydd

Questioning women's empowerment through tourism entrepreneurship opportunities: The case of Omani women

2014 - 2017
Lubna Badar Salim Al Mazro'ei | Director of Studies: Prof Paul Lynch | Second Supervisor: Dr Elaine Thomson

Experiences of highly skilled Bangladeshi immigrants to Edinburgh and London

2010 - 2012
Migration is a spatial phenomenon and is the movement of the people one of state/country administrative unit to another, alo...
Md Mohsin | Director of Studies: Prof Robert Raeside | Second Supervisor: Dr Kay Penny

Development of a method for the detection of GHB and other drugs using a handheld Raman Spectroscopy Device

2010 - 2014
The main piece of legislation which addresses illicit drugs in the UK is the Misuse of Drugs ...
Lauren O'Connor | Director of Studies: Kevin Smith | Second Supervisor: Dr David Mincher

Concepts of ethical leadership and their potential implementation in organisations: an operational perspective

2010 - 2015
Bernhard Bachmann | Director of Studies: Mr Grant MacKerron | Second Supervisor: Dr Kenny Crossan