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Pacific Community Filmmaking Consortium for Gender and Public Engagement

2020 - 2021
Gender inequality in the Pacific is a serious challenge and a sensitive issue - requiring a culturally appropriate and joined up development approach to support and drive the necessary social changes....
Funder: Arts & Humanities Research Council | Value: £93,888

Feasibility Study into Factors Affecting the Re-Use of Furniture and Corresponding Design Strategies

2018 - 2019
In the context of reducing raw material usage and establishing Scotland’s capacity for designing and making furniture for re-use, this study aims to: ● establish key factors in consumer decisions to r...
Funder: The Scottish Institute for Remanufacture | Value: £16,951

Ocean Plastic: Developing a Model for localised Remanufacturing

2018 - 2019
The objective of this research study is to develop a prototype model for gathering and reusing ocean plastic in-situ. The proposal is to visit a number of beachside locations along the Scottish West C...
Funder: Carnegie Trust for the Universities of Scotland | Value: £9,988

FutureJewels - Playfully Interactive Wearables for Health and Wellbeing

2018 - 2018
The project focuses on the creation of responsive, wearable objects that create playful interactions by sensing bodily and environmental stimuli, and expressing these through activating elements that ...
Funder: Interuniversitair Micro-Electronica Centrum vzw | Value: £2,256

Deaf Heritage: Scotland’s Hidden Culture

2018 - 2020
The first BSL National Plan (due 22 October 2017) and its mandate for the inclusion of Deaf Culture in Scottish public life provide the context and rationale for the proposed collaborative networking ...
Funder: Royal Society of Edinburgh | Value: £18,740

BellyPhants Innovation Voucher

2017 - 2017
This project takes a new approach to teaching Mindful-breathing techniques to children aged 4-9. Diagnosis of anxiety, stress, depression and ADHD in children has seen a significant increase over the...
Funder: Scottish Funding Council | Value: £4,934

Development of an alternative eye-dropper

2015 - 2016
Many people need to instil eye drops to treat conditions such as Dry Eye Syndrome (DES) and Glaucoma (30% of the population have DES and 70 million people worldwide have glaucoma). DES is relieved wit...
Funder: Edinburgh & Lothians Health Foundation | Value: £76,718

Career trajectories of Nurses in Scotland 2001-2011

2015 - 2016
Background Evidence-informed recruitment and retention strategies are required to ensure the nursing workforce has sufficient capacity and capability to deliver care to Scotland’s population. Current ...
Funder: Scottish Government | Value: £5,000