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Scottish Parliament Research Project: Family Law (Scotland) Bill 2019

2019 - 2019
The Scottish Parliamentary Corporate Body is seeking to award a contract for research on behalf of the Justice Committee. The Family Law (Scotland) Bill (‘the Bill’) is due to be introduced this yea...
Funder: The Scottish Parliament | Value: £4,872

Justice Analytical Services Call For Proposals - Domestic Abuse and Child Welfare Hearings Research

2018 - 2020
This research proposes to specifically examine the points of articulation (and dislocation) between civil and criminal law in domestic abuse cases through a specific focus on child contact proceedings...
Funder: Scottish Government | Value: £12,200

The authority of international criminal law

2018 - 2018
Book project on the authority of international criminal law. The funding would be used to take up the offered position of Visiting Scholar at Columbia University, New York, to benefit from the researc...
Funder: Carnegie Trust for the Universities of Scotland | Value: £8,280

The authority of international criminal law

2018 - 2019
This research project aims to provide a theory of authority in international criminal law. The question explored by the project overall is what authority international criminal law possesses, and from...
Funder: Society of Legal Scholars | Value: £1,800

RSE Workshop

2016 - 2018
In a series of four workshops, academics from a range of disciplines, policy-makers, and representatives from health and education authorities, local authorities and Third Sector organizations will be...
Funder: Royal Society of Edinburgh | Value: £6,883

Employer Responses to Dementia in the Workplace in Scotland

2016 - 2018
The aim of this research is to explore how employers in Scotland support their employees with dementia. The research will help us to understand whether employers are meeting their legal duties. The re...
Funder: Carnegie Trust for the Universities of Scotland | Value: £47,327

Domestic abuse & the protection of children in contact cases

2016 - 2017
To explore legal professionals’ attitudes towards and perspectives on the provisions of s.11 (7A – E) by examining; - how the provisions are understood and implemented in practice by lawyers in the co...
Funder: Royal Society of Edinburgh | Value: £6,046

UK Preparation for the UN CRPD Engagement Process: A Three-Jurisdiction Approach

2015 - 2016
The overall objective of this project is to draw on AHRC-funded research expertise to provide support to the UK government in the upcoming UN review of the UK's progress towards compliance with the Un...
Funder: Arts & Humanities Research Council | Value: £12,309

Applying Lessons from the LETR to Scottish Law Students

2014 - 2015
The aim of the project will be to develop a model for the development of student PDPs incrementally during their undergraduate degree. The skills that students are expected to develop at present inclu...
Funder: Higher Education Office | Value: £3,904