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Discrepancies between theoretical and actual heating demand in Scottish modern dwellings

Conference Proceeding
Bros Williamson, J., Stinson, J., Garnier, C., & Currie, J. (2017)
Discrepancies between theoretical and actual heating demand in Scottish modern dwellings. In PLEA 2017 Proceedings - Design to Thrive, (361-368
The study reports on the differences between the actual heat consumption profiles of twelve dwellings monitored for four years and their predicted heat demand profiles as calc...

Fife Local Energy Masterplan

Payne, C., Bell, C., Steen, P., Currie, J., Bros Williamson, J., Stinson, J., & Muschamp, H. (2017)
Fife Local Energy Masterplan. Fife Council
The way we generate and use energy has constantly changed. In recent decades it has become the role of the National Grid, gas network, and multinational energy companies to de...

Bridging the Building Performance Gap

Presentation / Conference
Currie, J. & Stinson, J. (2016, August)
Bridging the Building Performance Gap. Presented at The Energy Agency and Ayrshire Housing CPD event, County Hall, Ayr
Ayrshire Housing, in collaboration with the Scottish Energy Centre (SEC) at Edinburgh Napier University, have worked over the last 4 years to define the practicality of integr...

Visualising Energy Use for Smart Homes and Informed Users

Journal Article
Stinson, J., Willis, A., Williamson, J. B., Currie, J., & Smith, R. (2015)
Visualising Energy Use for Smart Homes and Informed Users. Energy Procedia, 78, 579-584.
We evaluate the changes to domestic electricity and gas consumption when the occupants have local access to a coloured real time in-home display (IHD). We report the prelimina...
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CSIC - Edinburgh Home Demonstrator

2020 - 2024
The “Edinburgh Home Demonstrator” (EHD) Programme seeks to demonstrate the time, cost, quality, and carbon improvements in new affordable housing programme through the following projects: 1. Developme...
Funder: Construction Scotland Innovation Centre | Value: £205,411


2020 - 2020
The collaboration will see the number low carbon energy generation technology scenarios, the joint work will explore the performance parameters of these technologies through the use of real-world inst...
Funder: Scottish Funding Council | Value: £4,923

Industrial Nature

2019 - 2019
Experiment and development of High performing materials that are sustainable, 100% bio-based product, to be used in construction systems. As the materials are natural, it will take a significant step ...
Funder: Scottish Funding Council | Value: £4,965

North Lands Creative

2019 - 2019
North Lands Creative is the only open access dedicated glass studio in Scotland and one of a very small number in Europe. Sustainability, perceived environmental impact and cost prevent the facility ...
Funder: Scottish Funding Council | Value: £4,995

Thermal Performance of Nanoguard

2017 - 2017
Developing the Nanoguard coating for use in construction and the built environment
Funder: Scottish Funding Council | Value: £4,858

Future Energy management of buildings

2014 - 2017
The focus of this proposal is to better understand how energy is consumed in SMEs through the analysis of real time data and the development of SME energy management profiles, to study the potential t...
Funder: Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council | Value: £131,526