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Craft Beer in Research and Practice

Clarke, D., Ellis, V., Patrick, H., & Weir, D. (in press)
Craft Beer in Research and Practice. Bingley: Emerald
Clarke, D., Ellis, V., Patrick, H., & Weir, D. (in press). Craft Beer in Research and Practice. Bingley: Emerald.

Interpretative Tools

Book Chapter
Urquhart, E. (in press)
Interpretative Tools. In D. Buhalis (Ed.), Encyclopedia of Tourism Management and Marketing. Edward Elgar Publishing
The entry focusses on a central activity, not only for visitor attractions, but for other leisure, tourism and destinations environments. Interpretation involves a variety of ...

Why Do we Like Commenting and Sharing in Social Media? An Online Approach of Luxury Brand Communication

Conference Proceeding
Lu, X., & Rahman, M. (2020)
Why Do we Like Commenting and Sharing in Social Media? An Online Approach of Luxury Brand Communication. In 2018 Global Marketing Conference at Tokyo Proceedings. , (282-286).
Using the framework of social support, we aim to examine factors influencing social Word-of-Mouth (WOM) adoption. The proposed research model will be tested among customers wh...

Judicial Training Brief - Children (Scotland) Act 2020

Barnes Macfarlane, L. (2020)
Judicial Training Brief - Children (Scotland) Act 2020. Judicial Institute for Scotland
Abstract not available.

Designing dark tourism experiences: An exploration of edutainment interpretation at lighter dark visitor attractions

Journal Article
Wyatt, B., Leask, A., & Barron, P. (in press)
Designing dark tourism experiences: An exploration of edutainment interpretation at lighter dark visitor attractions. Journal of Heritage Tourism,
Existing dark tourism literature has explored various aspects of interpretation, including challenges in balancing interpretation efforts with concerns for historical accuracy...

Ontological Authority of Sustainability in Buddhist and Hindu traditions: The art of Planetary Maintenance

Book Chapter
Khaleel, F., & Shoba, K. (in press)
Ontological Authority of Sustainability in Buddhist and Hindu traditions: The art of Planetary Maintenance. In Foundations of Sustainable Economy: Moral, Ethical and Religious Perspectives. Taylor & Francis (Routledge
The tradition of Hinduism is based on an inter-woven theological construct that are complex and rich in meaning. The key themes that emerges within the narrative are the well-...

Assembling Sustainable Smart City Transitions: An Interdisciplinary Theoretical Perspective

Journal Article
Mora, L., Deakin, M., Zhang, X., Batty, M., de Jong, M., Santi, P., & Appio, F. P. (in press)
Assembling Sustainable Smart City Transitions: An Interdisciplinary Theoretical Perspective. Journal of Urban Technology,
This Special Issue begins with a middle-range theory of sustainable smart city transitions, which forms bridges between theorizing in smart city development studies and some o...

“What do interlocks do” revisited – a bibliometric analysis

Journal Article
Smith, M., & Sarabi, Y. (in press)
“What do interlocks do” revisited – a bibliometric analysis. Management Research Review,
Purpose It has been over 20 years since the landmark publication of Mizruchi (1996) and his examination of “what do interlocks do?”. Since then, the nature of interlocks and s...

Dog filters & flower crowns: Using Snapchat as a Pedagogical Tool in Higher Education

Journal Article
Kerr, G., & Faulkner, S. (2020)
Dog filters & flower crowns: Using Snapchat as a Pedagogical Tool in Higher Education. Journal of Social Media for Learning, 1(1), 147-157.
Academics overwhelmingly value social media as a tool for enhancing student learning (Moran et al, 2011). Generally, academics use information technologies and social media to...

Public Value Leadership in the Context of Outcomes, Impact and Reform

Book Chapter
McMillan, J. (2021)
Public Value Leadership in the Context of Outcomes, Impact and Reform. In J. Connolly, & A. Van der Zwet (Eds.), Public Value Management, Governance and Reform in Britain (173-200). Cham: Palgrave Macmillan.
The chapter considers leadership in public value settings. It examines public leadership practice in and for the creation of public value through exploring drivers and barrier...


175 results

Socioeconomic Impact of Covid-19 on the Syrian Refugees in Scotland

2021 - 2021
The project will provide a unique perspective capturing Syrian refugees’ socio-economic and cultural precarity on their settlement journeys before, during and after the Covid-19 outbreak. These findin...
Funder: Al-Maktoum College of Higher Education | Value: £9,820

Research Network to create Multi-Disciplinary Research Centre for Scottish Child and Family Law and Policy

2020 - 2022
Our Research Network will launch the unique Multi-Disciplinary Centre for Scottish Child and Family Law and Policy, building upon the successes and networking opportunities generated by our workshop s...
Funder: Royal Society of Edinburgh | Value: £19,500


2020 - 2022
This project is a collaboration between the University of Edinburgh and Edinburgh Napier University to improve significantly the understanding of transition to civilian life within Scotland. By provid...
Funder: Forces in Mind Trust | Value: £202,697

Creatives in Crisis: How freelance creatives mobilise online communities in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

2020 - 2021
Creative industries in the UK have been recognised as a driver of economic growth and cultural expression. However, much academic work has been devoted to the low paid, insecure, and sometimes exploit...
Funder: The University of Edinburgh | Value: £4,947

Child Welfare Hearing Reports: Post 2015 reforms

2020 - 2021
The research proposes to examine how, if at all, practice in the commissioning, preparation and use of CWHR has changed since 2015. In particular, to what extend are CWHR used, if at all, to provide e...
Funder: Royal Society of Edinburgh | Value: £5,997

Edinburgh Jazz & Blues Festival Research Project

2019 - 2022
This research project explores the interdependencies between stakeholders within the Scottish jazz and blues scenes through the gathering and processing of data from musicians, promoters, audiences an...
Funder: Edinburgh International Jazz & Blues Festival | Value: £29,000

Young people's expectations of work and readiness of the workplace: Two sides of the same coin?

2019 - 2021
The aim of this research is to examine high-potential Generation-Z’s (young people aged 16-18 years in full-time education who demonstrate key leadership qualities and attributes) expectations of work...
Funder: Carnegie Trust for the Universities of Scotland | Value: £9,978

Scottish Parliament Research Project: Family Law (Scotland) Bill 2019

2019 - 2019
The Scottish Parliamentary Corporate Body is seeking to award a contract for research on behalf of the Justice Committee. The Family Law (Scotland) Bill (‘the Bill’) is due to be introduced this yea...
Funder: The Scottish Parliament | Value: £4,872

Twenty Years of the Scottish Parliament: Critical Reflection on the Development of Child and Family Law

2018 - 2020
2019 marks the 20th anniversary of the re-establishment of the Scottish Parliament. This project involves the creation of a workshop series about law-making for children and their families by the Sco...
Funder: Royal Society of Edinburgh | Value: £9,400

Funding for EU Brokerage Event

2018 - 2021
The current literature is inconclusive on the driving forces of violent extremism, because of the complexity of the issue and diversity of its driving factors. Our research aims to determine the drive...
Funder: Scottish Institute for Policing Research | Value: £900




Qualification level

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Visitor Engagement in UK Slavery Heritage Museums

2020 - date
Shemroy Roberts | Director of Studies: Dr Craig Wight | Second Supervisor: Prof Anna Leask

Exploring the impact of digitisation technologies in supply chain management

2020 - date
Olusegun Akintola | Director of Studies: Dr Eoin Plant | Second Supervisor: Dr Miles Weaver

Socio-cultural factors that impact Chinese students studying abroad

2020 - date
Li Zhang | Director of Studies: Dr Vivien Xiaowei Zhou | Second Supervisor: Dr Mabel Victoria

The impact of mindful intercultural competence on EU migrants 'cultural adjustment' while navigating through social, political and economic realities of living in Scotland.

2020 - date
Iweta Baran | Director of Studies: Dr Jane Wilkinson | Second Supervisor: Dr Phiona Stanley

2020 - date
Lijuan Luo | Director of Studies: Dr Mabel Victoria | Second Supervisor: Dr Vivien Xiaowei Zhou

The impacts of financial exploitation during the medieval age in England (usury and financial corruption in literature)

2020 - date
Asma Javed Qazi | Director of Studies: Dr Morrison Handley-Schachler | Second Supervisor: Dr Nazam Dzolkarnaini

What is the Brand Image of Iran for Different UK Visitor Market Segments?

2020 - date
Hamideh Sadat Shahidi | Director of Studies: Dr Collins Osei | Second Supervisor: Dr Constantia Anastasiadou

Talent Management

2019 - date
Sara Whinnett | Director of Studies: Prof Thomas Garavan | Second Supervisor: Dr Kirsteen Grant

Women, festival leaders and social transformation: an international comparison.

2019 - date
Bene Piccio | Director of Studies: Dr Louise Todd | Second Supervisor: Dr Martin Robertson

Risk management of the 'Belt and Road Initiative (BRI)' projects - an empirical study of investments of the Chinese state-owned-banks (SOBs) in the region

2019 - date
Lei Kong | Director of Studies: Prof Simon Gao | Second Supervisor: Dr Nazam Dzolkarnaini
12 results

University teams up with community researchers to help improve their neighbourhood

6 February 2020
A Team of community researchers will join forces with academics to help improve their neighbourhood. UK Research and Innovation today announced its backing for the Seven Kingdoms of Wester Hailes, on...

Academics moot making GLC execs’ pay public by law

31 October 2018
The assistant director of the International Centre for Management & Governance Research (ICMGR), Dr Marizah Minhat, and Associate Professor Nazam Dzolkarnaini are undertaking a research collaboration ...

Lord Sheikh Represents APPGIF at Edinburgh Forum

25 September 2018
Lord Sheikh, a co-chair of the UK's All-Party Parliamentary Group on Islamic Finance (APPGIF), visited Edinburgh on Saturday 8 September 2018 to participate in the ‘Ethical Finance & Community Develop...

Financing the Chinese Belt and Road Initiative

23 August 2017
A research project was launched to explore financing issues in relation to BRI. In collaboration with international researchers, this research is led by Dr Marizah Minhat, the Assistant Director of th...

Islamic Finance/Investment: Rent-Seeking, Risk-Sharing and One Belt One Road

19 July 2017
Dr Marizah Minhat and Dr Nazam Dzolkarnaini were invited by the Treasury Markets Association (TMA) to deliver a talk to TMA members and market participants on “Islamic Finance/Investment: Rent-Seeking...

Riset ini menyebut pemerintah tak tegas atur iklan rokok

19 July 2017
This research says the government is not firm in regulating tobacco advertising

Perspectives on ethical finance and investment

18 May 2017
IMS member, Dr Marizah Minhat, Assistant Director of ICMGR, recently led an event on ethical finance and investment; here she reflects on its findings.

New Edinburgh centre will develop Business School research projects

23 November 2016
The International Centre for Management and Governance Research (ICMGR) aims to bring together academic and professional knowledge on international management and governance. The Centre’s Director, P...

Impact of Brexit on Scotland's financial services industry - paper published

4 November 2016
Owen Kelly has co-authored a paper on the effects of Brexit on Scotland's financial services industry.

Letter in FT on Brexit consequences

7 August 2016
Letter in Financial Times pointing out that need for business to engage with EU will increase, rather than decrease, post-Brexit.


37 results

BRT Bright Red Sparks Awards

Facebook Live Award Ceremony
13 April 2020

An Edinburgh Festival City Map for Wester Hailes. This public engagement with research initiative was delivered as part of Explorathon 2019: European Researchers' Night. It involved a participative drawing and collage activity where members of the local community were asked to contribute to an Edinburgh Festival City Map for Wester Hailes

Whale Arts, Wester Hailes
27 September 2019

Dinner Party Debates: The Case for a Deaf Festival in the Festival City. Part of the Fringe Central Events Programme for Fringe participants. The BSL (Scotland) Act 2015 and subsequent National Plan (2017-2023) lays the foundation to improve the lives of BSL users in Scotland. Culture, public life and festivals figure within this mandate. This roundtable discussion takes the format of a lively dinner party and deliberates why Edinburgh should host Scotland's first Deaf festival.

Appleton Tower, Informatics Centre, Fringe Central, Edinburgh
10 August 2019

University Conference Workshop: Building a case with bricks

Craiglockhart Campus
18 June 2019

Room for Improvement? A briefing report on leadership and management in the public sector

Venue: Thames Pavilion, Houses of Parliament Date: Friday 17th May 2019 Time: 11.30am – 2.30pm
16 May 2019

Call for Papers: Management, Governance and Ethical Finance Conference 2019

Craiglockhart Campus, Edinburgh Napier University.
9 April 2019 - 10 April 2019

Festival Frontiers: The Festival City. What is a festival city? Edinburgh is known as 'the world's leading festival city' and many cities around the globe are designated or branded as festival cities through their significant provision of festivals and events. This panel discussion unpacked the meaning of the festival city, beyond the brand; and in doing so it asked what are the physical and symbolic frontiers of a festival city in the 21st century? The panel discussion was attended by more than 30 members of the public, Science festival professional delegates and representatives from Edinburgh's Festivals and strategic destination management stakeholders. Hosted by: Dr Louise Todd, Tourism and Languages, The Business School, Edinburgh Napier University With panellists: Dr Gary Kerr, Tourism and Languages, The Business School, Edinburgh Napier University, Kenneth Wardrop, Managing Director, Wardrop Consulting, Dr Kirstie Jamieson, Urbanism, Exhibition and Heritage Design, School of Arts and Creative Industries Edinburgh Napier University, James McVeigh, Head of Marketing and Innovation, Festivals Edinburgh

Edinburgh International Science Festival, Lomond Room, Pleasance, Edinburgh
8 April 2019

Visual Methods and Ethnography in Interdisciplinary Research

The Business School
6 March 2019 - 4 June 2019

Financing Issues in the Belt and Road Initiative

Research Centre for Sustainable Hong Kong (CSHK), City University of Hong Kong.
6 November 2018

The Belt and Road Initiative: Challenges and Opportunities

The Confucius Institute for Scotland, The University of Edinburgh
4 October 2018