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Illuminating the importance of craftsmanship in compassionate caring and facilitating its development in student nurses

2020 - date
This thesis provides a critical reflection on my original contributions to knowle...
Associate Professor Liz Adamson | Director of Studies: Prof Kay Sambell | Second Supervisor: Dr Brian Williams

Can we utilise nursing students’ experiences of sexualised popular culture to enhance their undergraduate sexual health education?

2019 - date
Ms Avril Hendry | Director of Studies: Prof Alison Machin | Second Supervisor: Dr Mandy Winterton

Beyond numbers and tasks: An ethnographic study exploring the work of district nursing teams and the impact this has on patients, carers, families and communities

2019 - date
Bruce Harper-McDonald | Director of Studies: Dr Janet Hanley | Second Supervisor: Dr Claire Kydonaki

An investigation into the identification of wound infections by nurses

2015 - date
Ailsa Sharp | Director of Studies: Dr Catherine Mahoney | Second Supervisor: Dr Clare Taylor

Assessing and addressing unmet needs in people affected by brain tumours

2013 - date
Ms Janyne Afseth | Director of Studies: Prof Lis Neubeck | Second Supervisor: Dr Carol Gray Brunton

Investigation of Maintaining Nasogastric Feeding for Stroke Patients: A Mixed Methods Design

2004 - 2009
Explored the opinions of staff, patients and relatives concerning the ‘acceptability’ and ‘effectiveness’ of...
Dr Catherine Mahoney | Director of Studies: Dr Maureen Macmillan | Second Supervisor: Beth Alder

Healthcare Professional's Experiences of Applying Presumed Consent Legislation in Organ Donation in Three European Countries: A Mixed Methods Study

2001 - 2007
The crisis in the numbers of donated organs has featu...
Dr Barbara Neades | Director of Studies: Dr Maureen Macmillan