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Biogenic construction materials for a circular economy and climate change mitigation: scalability and sustainability

2018 - date
Jim Hart | Director of Studies: Dr Francesco Pomponi | Second Supervisor: Dr Bernardino D'Amico

Outside-In Thinking: Retail & Fashion Industry Perspectives on Sustainable, Circular Economy, its Benefits and Challenges

2017 - 2023
The interpretive approach develops an understanding on the particularity and co...
Carina Legl | Director of Studies: Dr Miles Weaver | Second Supervisor: Dr John Thomson

Enhancing storm surge resilience for coastal habitat

2016 - date
In most countries, population, poor management of water policies, infrastructure and coastal development together with poor disaster mitigation poli...
Ms Anitha Karthik | Director of Studies: Dr Luca Mora | Second Supervisor: Prof Sean Smith

The impact of team-focussed transformational and ethical leadership on team innovation: an investigation of the role of team engagement and team developmental climate

2013 - 2019
Dr Britta Heidl | Director of Studies: Prof Thomas Garavan | Second Supervisor: Sandra Watson

The potential for 'green' fiscal policy measures to influence individuals' vehicle purchasing decisions in Scotland

2009 - 2015
This research focuses upon measures targeting individuals’ future vehicle purchasing ...
Dr Sarah Borthwick | Director of Studies: Michael Carreno | Second Supervisor: Kevin Cullinane

Adult learning: Towards a framework for participation

2008 - 2014
This thesis explores participation in adult learning and focuses upon three key areas of interest: reasons for participation, the challenges of par...
Dr Lesley McLean | Director of Studies: Dr Monika Foster | Second Supervisor: Prof Anne Munro

Moisture conditions in external timber cladding: field trials and their design implications

2004 - 2011
This research was funded by the EU Northern Periphery Programme as part of a trans-national project titled: E...
Dr Ivor Davies | Director of Studies: Charles Fairfield | Second Supervisor: Alastair Stupart