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Transition to circular refurbishment: Enviornmental impacts of high rise residential buildings in Mexico City

2018 - date
This project aims to decarbonise the Built Environment of Mexico City through Circular Econ...
Miss Ana Karen Hernandez Garcia | Director of Studies: Dr Suha Jaradat | Second Supervisor: Dr Francesco Pomponi

Retrofit Evaluation of Non Domestic Buildings in Scotland prior to connection to 4th generation district heating

2018 - date
Antoine Reguis | Director of Studies: Prof John Currie

Enhancing storm surge resilience for coastal habitat

2016 - date
In most countries, population, poor management of water policies, infrastructure and coastal development together with poor disaster mitigation poli...
Ms Anitha Karthik | Director of Studies: Dr Luca Mora | Second Supervisor: Prof Sean Smith

Architecture of emergencies in the Middle East: Proposed shelter design criteria

2015 - 2019
The ongoing research covers the Architectural design and construction of the humanitarian response during and after emer...
Miss Lara Alshawawreh | Director of Studies: Prof Sean Smith | Second Supervisor: John Wood

The delusion of innovations? An investigation into micro-level competency barriers to an effective macro-level diffusion of Bulding Information Modelling in the UK

2015 - date
Melanie Robinson | Director of Studies: Dr Celine Garnier | Second Supervisor: Prof John Currie

Automated code compliance for structural timber design for Building Information Modelling

2014 - date
Mr Andrew Livingstone | Director of Studies: Prof Robert Hairstans | Second Supervisor: Prof Sean Smith

Potential of noble fir, Norway spruce, western red cedar and western hemlock grown for timber production in Great Britain

2013 - 2018
"I am investigating the merchantability and wood properties of Noble fir (Abies...
David Gil-Moreno | Director of Studies: Dr Dan Ridley-Ellis

Impact of climate change and envelope performance dilapidation on dwellings

2012 - 2019
"This study looks at addressing the issues concerning environmentally conscious homes and reviewing how efficiently they comp...
Dr Julio Bros Williamson | Director of Studies: Prof John Currie | Second Supervisor: Dr Celine Garnier

Smart energy monitoring technology to achieve low carbon homes

2007 - 2015
If the UK is to address its energy reduction targets, it is vital to understand energy use behaviours and to devise technology that positi...
Dr Jon Stinson | Director of Studies: Prof Sean Smith | Second Supervisor: Prof John Currie

Performance measurement and mathematical modelling of integrated solar water heaters

2005 - 2009
Dr Celine Garnier | Director of Studies: Prof John Currie | Second Supervisor: Dr Tom Grassie