New Centre for Social Informatics publications in special issue of Journal of Information Science

Date posted

18 May 2016

The June 2016 issue of Journal of Information Science (volume 42, issue 3) has just been published. This is a special issue of the journal that comprises twelve articles developed from 54 papers presented at the Information: Interactions and Impact (i3) conference held in Aberdeen in June 2015.

Seven members of staff and research students from the Centre for Social Informatics participated in the conference: see the blogged review (with photos) from July 2015. Here they delivered six papers in total. Of these, two appear as full articles in this special issue of the Journal of Information Science. These are:
The adoption process in management innovation: A Knowledge Management case study by Louise Rasmussen and Hazel HallThe census as an information source in public policy-making by Lynn Killick, Hazel Hall, Alistair S Duff and Mark DeakinFor further information please see the post on Hazel Hall's blog.