Simon Powers has been invited to contribute an article to the Encyclopedia of Evolutionary Psychological Science.

Date posted

9 June 2016

Simon Powers will write an article about "defection" (as the term is used in game theory), for the forthcoming Encyclopedia of Evolutionary Psychological Science, edited by Todd K. Shackelford and Viviana A. Weekes-Shackelford, published by Springer.

"This comprehensive, ten volume reference work reflects the interdisciplinary influences on evolutionary psychology and serves as a major resource for its history, scientific contributors and theories.
It draws on biology, cognitive science, anthropology, psychology, economics, computer science and paleoarchaeology to provide a multifaceted picture of behavioral adaptation in humans and how it adds to our academic and clinical understanding. Edited by a noted figure in evolutionary psychology, with many seminal and renowned contributors, this encyclopedia offers the full breadth of an area that is the forefront of behavioral thinking and investigation."