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Investigating the Use of Audio Feedback in Engineering Mathematics Modules.

  Assessment and feedback are an important part of student learning, and there is evidence that good feedback
leads to improvements in both learning and student engagement.
This work is concerned with the use of audio feedback on two Engineering Mathematics modules at Edinburgh
Napier University. The modules are both compulsory modules which include class tests as part of the assessment
strategy. In the past, the written mathematical feedback provided throughout each script has been considered
as both appropriate and su±cient. The audio feedback, which is being trialled on both modules, is in addition
to this feedback, and provides an overview of each student's performance, thus enabling improvement in core
mathematical skills. The method used for providing the audio feedback will be explained, and the strategy for
summarising the students' performance will be discussed. The methods used for obtaining feedback from the
students will be explored, and the students' opinions and ideas will be reported.
There is of course extra e®ort required to provide an individual audio ¯le for each student. However, the response
from the students has been extremely positive, and their enthusiastic reception of the audio feedback has made
it worth the extra time being spent by the lecturer. Audio feedback is continuing to be provided on the two
Engineering Maths modules.

  • Date:

    19 July 2012

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Durkacz, K. & Mowat, E. (2012). Investigating the Use of Audio Feedback in Engineering Mathematics Modules. ISBN 978-1-873769-14-0



Audio feedback; Engineering Mathematics Modules; student feedback;

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