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P4ID: P4 enhanced intrusion detection
  The growth in scale and capacity of networks in recent years leads to challenges of positioning and scalability of Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS). With the flexibility afforded by programmable dataplanes, it is now possible to perform a new level of intrusion detection in switches themselves. We present P4ID, combining a rule parser, stateless and stateful packet processing using P4, and evaluate it using publicly available datasets. We show that using this technique, we can achieve a significant reduction in traffic being processed by an IDS.


Lewis, B., Broadbent, M., & Race, N. (2020). P4ID: P4 enhanced intrusion detection. In 2019 IEEE Conference on Network Function Virtualization and Software Defined Networks (NFV-SDN) (1-4).



P4 enhanced intrusion detection, stateful packet processing, stateless packet processing, programmable dataplanes, IDS, intrusion detection systems, P4ID

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