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Paradigm lost: the rise and fall of McDonaldization

  The application of McDonald′s product/production principles to other restaurant chains, and totally different social enterprises has been the subject of recent criticism. This “McDonaldization” is said to betoken a world of increased rationalization where large‐scale systems for the mass production of goods and services obliterate small‐scale opposition and give rise to fears for diminished choice in the future. Previously it has been argued that the advance of McDonaldization is far from total and the pessimistic prognosis is at least premature. Criticizes the McDonaldization thesis by reference to an alternative paradigm of “mass customization”. Argues that this is not only the logical next step for the production of goods and services, but also that it is already starting to happen.

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    30 April 1995

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    University of Dundee


Taylor, S., & Lyon, P. (1995). Paradigm lost: the rise and fall of McDonaldization. International Journal of Contemporary Hospitality Management, 7(2/3), 64-68.



Tourism, Leisure and Hospitality Management

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