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The Prometheus database for taxonomy

  This paper presents the work carried out in the Prometheus project and its motivation, taxonomy. Taxonomy presents challenges to common database systems. Because of its complexity and the necessary treatments applied to its data, common database models such as the relational, the object-oriented, of even graph models are not able to support taxonomic applications fully. Our approach is the extension of an object-oriented database model with explicit relationships in order to support new features and thereby offer the necessary level of service for developing taxonomic applications.

  • Date:

    31 December 2000

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    IEEE Computer Society Press

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Raguenaud, C., Kennedy, J., & Barclay, P. (2000). The Prometheus database for taxonomy. In O. Gunther, & J. Lenz-H (Eds.), Proceedings of the 12th International Conference on Scientific and Statistical Database Management, SSDBM 2000, 250-252. doi:10.1109/ssdm.2000.869793



Database design; Prometheus; Object-oriented database; Explict defined relationships; Application; Taxonomy;

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