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The Uncertainty of Standard of Value

  National Accountants Conference (NAC) 2005 recognised accountants as the ‘managers of value’. However, this recognition carries with it a huge responsibility once we comprehend the notion of ‘value. Have we ever wondered that the value of money, our measuring rod, is indeed unstable and hence undependable? Do we understand how the uncertainty in the value of money affects the value of balance sheet items and the destiny of the company we are managing? To my fellow financial planners, do we care enough that our client’s destiny is uncertain as much as the uncertainty in the value of our measuring rod? Despite the recurring incidence of its instability, a currency remains our standard of value. Given the reality of our circumstances, it is beyond reasonable doubt that managing value is indeed a task beyond the conventional capacity of accountants.

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    01 February 2006

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    HF5601 Accounting

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    657 Accounting

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    University of Stirling


Minhat, M. (2006). The Uncertainty of Standard of Value. Accountants Today, 19(2), 32-34



Uncertainty, currency, value, accountants, Keynes

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