Developing management of privatisation: an empirical study on the barriers hindering implementation of the programme in Saudi Arabia and a proposed efficient model

  In 1997 the Saudi Government took a forward step to implement privatisation and to
promote the process and its implementation in different public enterprises. They issued
various resolutions and decisions for implementing and managing the programme
but the process is moving slowly and rate of the implementation is limited.
Implementation of privatisation is related to several matters, such as condition of
the enterprise, content of the privatisation strategy, etc.
This research concentrates on investigation and analysis of the privatisation
programme in Saudi Arabia, with particular reference to the process of managing
and implementing the programme. The main objectives of the study are: (1) to
establish the reasons for the delay in implementing; (2) to investigate the barriers
hindering the process in several enterprises and the level at which these barriers
are hindering the programme; (3) to develop an "Efficient Models" to help the
Government in smooth implementation of the programme.
The research uses the literature review, survey opinions of a group of the public
and private sector managers and various case studies as sources of data for the
research. The methodology of the study evaluates whether the barriers to
implement the programme in the country lie at the privatisation strategy level or
at the enterprise level. It includes investigation of the barriers hindering of the
programme, development of a main model and the other models based on analysis
of the international experiences and their comparison with the actual
implementation of the programme at Saudi Arabia.
This study is designed to fill the gap in knowledge about planning and managing
privatisation and monitoring the process of implementation. The study develops
an "Efficient Models" which makes managing the process clear for all the
organizations involved in the process. These models are allowing the Saudi
government to implement, manage and monitor the privatisation strategy,
employees' matters, restructuring and regulation policy.

  • Dates:

    2004 to 2008

  • Qualification:

    Doctorate (PhD)

Project Team