Winter Leavers - School College Collaboration

  Careers Scotland and its partners are committed to ensuring that all young people receive appropriate guidance to develop sustainable learning and career pathways. Those young people with a statutory school leaving date in December of the year they become 16 (known as ‘Winter Leavers’) are at risk of finding themselves not in employment, education or training (NEET). ‘Exceptional entry’ to Further Education is seen as a key means of supporting these young people. This research will produce information on approaches to, and the experiences of, Winter Leavers making the transition from school to college. Major survey exercises with Scottish schools and FE colleges will produce new data on the numbers and characteristics of young people making such transitions. Case study research will identify good practice in supporting Winter Leavers, and focus groups will explore the views and experiences of young people. For more information on the project please contact Colin Lindsay.  

  • Start Date:

    1 January 2008

  • End Date:

    1 July 2008

  • Activity Type:

    Externally Funded Research

  • Funder:

    Scottish Enterprise

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