School of Computing Research Conference 2018

Location: E14, Merchiston Campus, Edinburgh Napier University
Date: Thursday 8th March 2018
Time: 9:30am to 5:30 pm


09:45-10:00  Welcome & Short talk Ben Paechter & Ahmed Al-Dubai: On the School Research (Current and Future Directions)
10:00-10:30  Staff Presentation (Group A) One-minute Madness slide
10:30-11:00  Keynote Speech Dr Walid Magdy School of Informatics, University of Edinburgh. Title: Possible career directions after graduation

11:00–11:30  Networking activity (plus coffee)

11:30–12:30  Second Year PhD students –10 minutes Presentations Group A

12:30-01:30  Lunch and Posters of 1st year Research Students

01:30-02:40  2nd Year PhD students - Presentations Group B

02:40-03:00  Coffee/soft drink

03:00-04:30  3rd year and writing up stage Students 10 minutes Presentations
04:30-04:50  Staff Presentation (Group B) One-minute Madness slide
04:50-05:30  Interdisciplinary Research opportunities/workshop. Led by the Directors of Research Centres (Open questions)

05:30  Showcase, Awards & Close

Keynote Speaker

Dr Walid Magdy, School of Informatics, University of Edinburgh

Steering Committee

Prof Ahmed Al-Dubai and Prof Ben Paechter (Co-Chairs)
Emilia Sobolewska Member: (Staff presentation)
Craig Thomson: Member (3 and 4th Year PhD students’ presentation)
Marwa Salyama: Member (2nd Year PhD students’ presentations)
Cedric Perret: Member (1st Year PhD students’ posters session)


Best 1minute presentation
Best 3rd and 4th year presentation
Best 2nd year presentation
Best 1st year poster

Event contact

Ahmed Al-Dubai
Tel: 0131 4552796

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