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STEM educational engagement through competition, sport and wearable technology

Presentation / Conference
James, D., Lee, J., Ohgi, Y., Petrone, N., Willis, C., Ferrier, B., …Parker, J. (2022, June)
STEM educational engagement through competition, sport and wearable technology. Poster presented at International Sports Engineering Association: The Engineering of Sport 14, Purdue University, US

The new feeling rules of emotion work in heterosexual couple relationships

Journal Article
McQueen, F. (in press)
The new feeling rules of emotion work in heterosexual couple relationships. Emotions and Society,
This article suggests that new feeling rules of intimacy within heterosexual couple relationships are widely recognised and reflect the contention that an androgynisation of t...

What's in a Cake: Diversity, Inclusivity and Interculturality

Presentation / Conference
Victoria, M., & Smith, D. (2022, June)
What's in a Cake: Diversity, Inclusivity and Interculturality. Paper presented at Future Visualities: Visual Methods & Ethnography in Interdisciplinary Research, Edinburgh Napier University
Food, death and taxes have been claimed by anthropologists as some of the factors that are common to all human beings. Food is considered an important marker of identity and c...

Evolving ecologies in digital education - A perspective from Scotland

Presentation / Conference
Drumm, L., & Zike, J. (2022, May)
Evolving ecologies in digital education - A perspective from Scotland. Paper presented at Irish Learning Technology Association’s Annual Conference ‘EdTech 2022’, University College Cork
Ecosystems balance in a delicate dynamic of motion and change. When hit with a disturbance, an ecosystem's resilience is tested and any vacuum quickly filled by those well-sui...

An exploration of academic identity through the COVID-19 pandemic

Journal Article
Smith, S., Plum, K., Taylor-Smith, E., & Fabian, K. (in press)
An exploration of academic identity through the COVID-19 pandemic. Journal of Further and Higher Education,
The COVID-19 global pandemic precipitated migration to online learning and teaching for students and universities. This study explored the change in self-identification in an ...

Graffiti, Place and Society

Presentation / Conference
Victoria, M. (2022, May)
Graffiti, Place and Society. Paper presented at TBS Research Seminar, Edinburgh Napier University
‘DON’T KIL URSELF’. ‘ YOU SHALL OVERCOME.’ The impetus for this study comes from serendipitous encounters with certain types of graffiti around Edinburgh during the covid-19 ...

Science Communication Through Poetry

Illingworth, S. (2022)
Science Communication Through Poetry. Cham: Springer.
Science Communication Through Poetry aims to explore how we might communicate science effectively both to and with non-scientific audiences across the spectrum of science comm...

Tertiary Education in a Warming World

Kelly, O., Illingworth, S., Butera, F., Steinberger, J., Blaise, M., Dawson, V., …Cowman, S. (2022)
Tertiary Education in a Warming World. Worldwide Universities Network
Higher education institutes have a critical role to play in driving the scientific, political, technological, and cultural change needed to avoid the worst-case climate change...

The Collective Career Coaching Approach - Applying it to Practice

Presentation / Conference
Meldrum, S. (2022, March)
The Collective Career Coaching Approach - Applying it to Practice. Presented at Network4Careers, Canterbury Christ Church University

Why we don't always say what we mean: Linguistic Politeness and Intercultural Competence

Presentation / Conference
Victoria, M. (2022, February)
Why we don't always say what we mean: Linguistic Politeness and Intercultural Competence. Presented at Global Skills in the 21st Century, University of Aveiro, Portugal
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Global Film Industry, International cultural heritage and public engagement – A Panel Discussion by UNESCO Cities of Film Network Officials/Researchers

2022 - 2022
This panel discussion explores the relationship between international cultural heritage/public engagement and research and creative practice with panel speakers from UNESCO Cities of Film Network.
Funder: University of Glasgow

Let's Play Wester Hailes: Community Produced Video Games of Edinburgh

2021 - 2022
This project aims to engage children and young people with the computer games industry. Working with WHALE Arts we will build games and upload them onto bespoke arcade machines. The games created wi...
Funder: Royal Academy of Engineering | Value: £25,708

Measuring Quality in Initial Teacher Education

2020 - 2022
The MQuITE project seeks to involve all stakeholders in the development of a contextually appropriate means of measuring quality in initial teacher education in Scotland. It engages with both literatu...
Funder: Scottish Government | Value: £611

How are we positioning apprenticeships? A critical analysis of job adverts for degree apprentices

2020 - 2021
The introduction of the degree apprenticeship presents opportunities for students to pursue a degree while working in paid positions relevant to their studies. Within this model, employers take an act...
Funder: Society for Research into Higher Education | Value: £4,999

Innovation voucher Gamification

2019 - 2019
The project will produce recommendations for the application of gamification to the training product, informed by the company context, with a design led by the latest academic research in gamification...
Funder: Scottish Funding Council | Value: £4,959

Secondary Glazing SME support

2018 - 2019
The project is designed to reduce material wastage, develop new surveying, and installation processes and develop a suite of new products (or sub-product types) that can be more readily applied to a s...
Funder: Scottish Funding Council | Value: £5,000

How can we direct military veteran’s spouses to the most appropriate welfare organisations for their needs?

2018 - 2018
Undergrad vacation scholarship. Study includes online survey of spouses experiences of seeking help with issues arising from military service of partner, and levels of success and critique. Also a sys...
Funder: Carnegie Trust for the Universities of Scotland | Value: £2,500

Ocean Plastic: Developing a Model for localised Remanufacturing

2018 - 2019
The objective of this research study is to develop a prototype model for gathering and reusing ocean plastic in-situ. The proposal is to visit a number of beachside locations along the Scottish West C...
Funder: Carnegie Trust for the Universities of Scotland | Value: £9,988

An Exploratory Study of Designing and Developing a Core Physiology Curriculum for Pre-registration Nursing Education

2017 - 2019
This project aims to inform the creation of a discipline specific physiology core curriculum that is agreed by stakeholder groups vested in nursing and physiology education to clarify relevant physiol...
Funder: The Physiological Society | Value: £3,580

Supporting Recovery Through Integration: What Works? What Doesn’t?

2017 - 2017
Integration of health and social care services is happening across the United Kingdom. Integrating services is important as it puts more focus on supporting the lives – not just the health – of indivi...
Funder: Economic and Social Research Council | Value: £703



Qualification level

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Illuminating the importance of craftsmanship in compassionate caring and facilitating its development in student nurses

2020 - 2021
This thesis provides a critical reflection on my original contributions to knowle...
Dr Liz Adamson | Director of Studies: Prof Kay Sambell | Second Supervisor: Dr Brian Williams

Interaction and participation: Investigating the impact of mobile technologies on screen-based industries and audiences

2020 - date
James Blake | Director of Studies: Prof Chris Atton | Second Supervisor: Dr Kirsten MacLeod

Beyond numbers and tasks: An ethnographic study exploring the work of district nursing teams and the impact this has on patients, carers, families and communities

2019 - date
Bruce Harper-McDonald | Director of Studies: Dr Janet Hanley | Second Supervisor: Dr Claire Kydonaki

Research grounded support of student learning in Higher Education: The importance of dialogue and subject embedded, contextualised language and content

2017 - 2018
Dr Kendall Richards | Director of Studies: Dr Colin Smith | Second Supervisor: Prof Sally Smith

An investigation into the identification of wound infections by nurses

2015 - date
Ailsa Sharp | Director of Studies: Dr Janet Hanley | Second Supervisor: Dr Clare Taylor

An investigation of university and employer perceptions of barriers and enablers of work based learning (WBL) partnerships in the tourism sector in Scotland

2015 - 2020
An investigation of perceptions of work base...
Dr Lynn Waterston | Director of Studies: Prof Paul Barron | Second Supervisor: Dr Matthew Dutton

'A journey that motivates': Discovering the associate student experience

2015 - 2022
Debbie Meharg | Director of Studies: Ms Alison Varey | Second Supervisor: Dr Sandra Cairncross

Journey into Higher Education: A study of postgraduate Indian students' experiences, as they make the educational journey, to a new teaching and learning environment in the UK

2014 - 2020
Dr Pauline Gordon | Director of Studies: Prof Paul Lynch | Second Supervisor: Dr Gerardine Matthews-Smith

Assessing and addressing unmet needs in people affected by brain tumours

2013 - 2022
Dr Janyne Afseth | Director of Studies: Prof Lis Neubeck | Second Supervisor: Dr Carol Gray Brunton

Leadership for the CIO: building capacity through applying leadership theory using frameworks

2012 - 2016
At present the Information Technology profession appears to be dogged by high profile project failure, high...
Prof Sally Smith | Director of Studies: Mr Grant MacKerron | Second Supervisor: Dr Vaughan Ellis
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Dr Zack Moir Elected to the Board of Directors of the Prestigious Association for Popular Music Education

27 June 2019
Dr Zack Moir from Music has been elected to serve on the Board of Directors of the Association for Popular Music Education, which is an international organisation with a mission to promote and advance...

University Academic Publishes New Edited Volume on Popular Music Education

4 April 2019
Dr Zack Moir, lecturer in music, has just published his new edited volume ’The Bloomsbury Handbook of Popular Music Education: Perspectives and Practices’, which features chapters from three other mem...

Music students take on trans-atlantic music composition project with students in New Jersey

28 January 2019
Zack Moir and Bryden Stillie from music have, in collaboration with Andy Krikun from Bergen Community College in New Jersey, USA, launched an international songwriting/composition project. Each of the...

Student nurses stage play on woman in mental health crisis

3 November 2017
Student nurses at Edinburgh Napier University are staging a play based on the traumatic experiences of a young woman in mental health crisis to highlight the importance of bringing health and social c...

Lecturer in Music is Editor of Recently 'Routledge Research Companion to Popular Music Education'

24 January 2017
Dr Zack Moir from music is one of the editors of the recently published 'Routledge Research Handbook of Popular Music Education', which is a new edited volume containing contributions from a wide rang...

Visiting Fellow, Professor Ganesan Kannbiran and Sally Smith win funding for business incubator study

21 April 2016
Visiting Fellow, Professor Ganesan Kannbiran and Sally Smith win funding for business incubator study