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Is there a space of performativity which is neither and/or both masculine or feminine?

2023 - date
Mx Ashley Stein | Director of Studies: Dr Paul Harkins | Second Supervisor: Dr Sarah Artt

The operatic canon and gender non-conforming (GNC) characters

2021 - date
Ali Mcgowan | Director of Studies: Dr John Hails | Second Supervisor: Dr Sarah Artt

Responding to spaces, places, and community: a portfolio of composition and documentation of praxis

2021 - date
Paul Greene | Director of Studies: Dr Katrina Burton | Second Supervisor: Dr John Hails

Undoing otherness: the postcolonial literary vampire as an intersectional response to the oppression of racial minorities in imperial Gothic

2020 - date
Hannah Barretto | Director of Studies: Dr Emily Alder | Second Supervisor: Dr Sarah Artt

Watching Play: Analysing Live Streaming's Affordances to Challenge the Traditional Ways of Understanding Play

2019 - date
Viviana Susanna | Director of Studies: Dr Tara Thomson | Second Supervisor: Dr Sarah Artt

‘Abjection hurts’: Race, class, gender, and the demand for a contemporary reworking of the Kristevan abject

2019 - date
Chiara Margiotta | Director of Studies: Dr Sarah Artt | Second Supervisor: Dr Arin Keeble

Nineteenth-century girls and authorship: adolescent writing, appropriation, and its representation in literature, c 1860-1900

2015 - 2019
My PhD research focuses on the lived experience and literary representation...
Dr Lois Burke | Director of Studies: Prof Anne Schwan | Second Supervisor: Dr Sarah Artt

A vast shadow house: Critical and creative responses to David Lindsay’s vision

2015 - 2021
Dr Seán Martin | Director of Studies: Dr C. Paul Sellors | Second Supervisor: Dr Sarah Artt

English-language reading in the Netherlands and its consequences on Dutch-language publishing

2014 - 2020
"My research aims to assess the impact that growing proficiency in English has on the European book market....
Giulia Trentacosti | Director of Studies: Dr Nick Pilcher | Second Supervisor: Prof Alistair Mccleery

Between the cracks: theme, screenwriting and visual structure

2012 - 2016
David Crawford | Director of Studies: Dr C. Paul Sellors | Second Supervisor: Mr James Mavor