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A new approach to engineering secure microservices-in IoT applications with blockchain and distributed ledger technologies

2021 - date
Chukwunonso Ngwu | Director of Studies: Dr Zakwan Jaroucheh | Second Supervisor: Prof Ahmed Al-Dubai

Privacy-preserving systems around trust and identity within smart phones

2021 - date
Sam Grierson | Director of Studies: Prof Bill Buchanan | Second Supervisor: Dr Craig Thomson

Work-based learning environments (WBLE) for fostering industry-relevant skills and optimal economic performance.

2021 - date
John Marshall | Director of Studies: Dr Colin Smith | Second Supervisor: Dr Peter Cruickshank

Towards a Novel Multi-Modal Arabic Sentiment Analysis Framework: Integrating Dependency-Grammar Rules and Deep Learning Based Models

2020 - date
Arwa Diwali | Director of Studies: Prof Amir Hussain | Second Supervisor: Dr Taoxin Peng

Enhancing Trust in Collaborative Intrusion Detection Systems through the use of Distributed Ledger Technologies

2020 - date
Owen Cutajar | Director of Studies: Dr Naghmeh Moradpoor Sheykhkanloo | Second Supervisor: Dr Zakwan Jaroucheh

A closer look at adaptation mechanisms in simulated environment-driven evolutionary swarm robotics

2013 - 2018
Swarm robotics is a special case within the general field of robotics. The distributed nature makes it...
Dr Andreas Steyven | Director of Studies: Prof Emma Hart | Second Supervisor: Prof Ben Paechter

Test-bed and evaluation of a home-based adverse event prediction infrastructure

2013 - 2021
The "Frailty Framework" is the development of a next generation health assessment and predictive analysis system. It will...
Adrian Smales | Director of Studies: Prof Bill Buchanan | Second Supervisor: Alistair Lawson

Embedded document security using sticky policies and identity based encryption

2013 - 2019
As we move into storing data within a public cloud infrastructure we reduce the defences and must embed security into the ...
Grzegorz Spyra | Director of Studies: Prof Bill Buchanan | Second Supervisor: Dr Elias Ekonomou

Reliable and energy efficient mechanisms for wireless sensor networks

2013 - 2019
Mr Alsnousi Ali | Director of Studies: Prof Ahmed Al-Dubai | Second Supervisor: Dr Imed Romdhani

Data quality and data cleaning in database applications

2008 - 2012
Today, data plays an important role in people’s daily activities. With the help of some database applications such as decision support systems an...
Lin Li | Director of Studies: Dr Taoxin Peng | Second Supervisor: Prof Jessie Kennedy