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Virtualised Security Operations Centre (vSoC) KTP

2017 - 2019
The aim of this KTP project is to create a completely scripted environment for the creation of advanced cyber security training, using scripted scenarios for the creation of training elements, and pro...
Funder: Innovate UK | Value: £136,306

Morgan Stanley: Security Analytics for Insider Threat Monitoring

2017 - 2017
Morgan Stanley is seeking a data science resource / support to augment its Technology Information Risk Team within the Technology and Data division. The key challenge involves an investigation of the ...
Funder: Data Lab | Value: £19,974

vSOC - Virtualised Security Operations Centre

2015 - 2017
The proposal aims to build a Virtualised Security Operation Center [vSoC] and integrates into a currently operating virtualized cyber security Cloud infrastructure (DFET), and use state-of-theart syst...
Funder: Higher Education Academy | Value: £39,268

KTP Payfont Ltd

2015 - 2017
To create the ability in Payfont to research and deliver, using Universal Design principles and processes based on BS8878, the optimal secure user experience (UX) in secure transactions
Funder: Innovate UK | Value: £135,030

Fragment Finder

2015 - 2016
Fragment Finder (FF) enables a new, high-speed approach to digital forensics. It is unique in that it will build a more efficient technical architecture for the creation, storage and use of hash signa...
Funder: Scottish Enterprise | Value: £228,757

KTP Farrpoint

2014 - 2016
To develop the prototype for a next-generation security platform with advanced detection capabilities.
Funder: Innovate UK | Value: £119,363