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A New Optimization Algorithm Based on the Fungi Kingdom Expansion Behavior for Antenna Applications

Journal Article
Alnahwi, F. M., Yasir, I. A., Sattar, D., Ali, R. S., See, C. H., & Abd-Alhameed, R. A. (2021)
A New Optimization Algorithm Based on the Fungi Kingdom Expansion Behavior for Antenna Applications. Electronics, 10(17),
This paper presents a new optimization algorithm based on the behavior of the fungi kingdom expansion (FKE) to optimize the radiation pattern of the array antenna. The immobil...

Queer Politics of post-Enlightenment: Beyond the Horizon of the Present

Journal Article
Kulpa, R. (in press)
Queer Politics of post-Enlightenment: Beyond the Horizon of the Present. Hungarian Studies Review,
This essay reflects on queer politics in Central and Eastern European (CEE) through the examples of Poland and Hungary using the Derridean concept of “supplement” to expose th...

The Pacific Community Filmmaking Consortium – Doing Impact and Engagement during a global pandemic

Presentation / Conference
MacLeod, K. (2021, July)
The Pacific Community Filmmaking Consortium – Doing Impact and Engagement during a global pandemic. Paper presented at 2021 MPE/MeCCSA Practice Network Symposium, Solent University, Southampton
The presentation will discuss initial reflections on a UKRI funded impact and engagement project in the Pacific, aimed at addressing community based and participatory media pr...

Film Bang 1976-2020 – resilience and sustainability for freelance careers in the screen industries

Scott, A., & Davidson, N. (2021)
Film Bang 1976-2020 – resilience and sustainability for freelance careers in the screen industries. Creative Industries Policy & Evidence Centre
This Report gathers the evidence from our 2020 research project investigating freelance working in the Scottish film and television sector over the past four decades. The Indu...

Film Bang Analysis

Digital Artefact
Scott, A., & Davidson, N. (2021)
Film Bang Analysis. [Website]
A webslides presentation covering the main points emerging from analysis of the Film Bang directory 1976 - 2020. This study investigates freelance working in the Scottish fi...

Building resilience and future proofing events education

Presentation / Conference
Jaimangal-Jones, D., Jackson, C., & Robertson, M. (2021, July)
Building resilience and future proofing events education. Paper presented at AEME 2021 ‘Event Principles and Practice: a level playing field’, University of Brighton [Online]
This session explores issues surrounding the design and delivery of Event Management programmes, specifically those related to their resilience and futureproofing. It addresse...

Using Semantic Technology to Model Persona for Adaptable Agents

Conference Proceeding
Nguyen, J., Farrenkopf, T., Guckert, M., Powers, S., & Urquhart, N. (in press)
Using Semantic Technology to Model Persona for Adaptable Agents. In ECMS2021 Proceedings
In state of the art research a growing interest in the application of agent models for the simulation of road traffic can be observed. Software agents are particularly suitabl...

Using a multi-location, longitudinal focus group method to conduct qualitative research into the role of public libraries

Conference Proceeding
Appleton, L., & Hall, H. (in press)
Using a multi-location, longitudinal focus group method to conduct qualitative research into the role of public libraries. In 13th Qualitative and Quantitative Methods in Libraries International Conference
The purpose of this paper is to present the experiences of using a longitudinal focus group method in a library and information science research project. This was developed an...

Computing degree apprenticeships: An opportunity to address gender imbalance in the IT sector?

Conference Proceeding
Smith, S., Taylor-Smith, E., Fabian, K., Barr, M., Berg, T., Cutting, D., …Zarb, M. (2020)
Computing degree apprenticeships: An opportunity to address gender imbalance in the IT sector?. In 2020 IEEE Frontiers in Education Conference (FIE).
This paper explores the potential for new work-based apprenticeship degrees to encourage more women into computing degrees and the IT sector. In the UK, women are currently un...

Pacific Community Filmmaking Consortium

Digital Artefact
MacLeod, K., Sar, L., Crook, T., Ryle, J., Boodoosingh, R., & Montgomery, N. (2020)
Pacific Community Filmmaking Consortium. [Website including Video content]
A website showcasing the work of filmmakers, known as The Pacific Filmmaking Consortium. Consolidating this network of filmmakers, funding a slate of films and distributing th...


30 results

Golf Scorecard Software & Electronics

2021 - 2021
To digitise the scorecard for game of golf for a company.
Funder: Scottish Funding Council | Value: £5,000

Smart City Transitions in South East Scotland: Accelerating Digital Twin Technology Deployment in Urban Transformation Processes

2021 - 2025
Smart city development exposes the coevolutionary nature of technology and society, as well as the systemic character of innovation. Bringing new technologies into society is not sufficient to improve...
Funder: Scottish Government | Value: £29,999

Gender Imbalance in Digital Technology

2021 - 2021
This project will examine what tertiary education institutions are doing to help tackle the gender imbalance in their Digital Technology courses. It will focus on the area of positive female role mode...
Funder: Skills Development Scotland | Value: £12,760

Entrepreneur-in-Residence 2020-Robert Goodfellow

2021 - 2021
The Royal Society Entrepreneur in Residence (EiR) scheme, part of the Science, Industry and Translation programme, aims to increase the knowledge and awareness in UK universities of cutting edge indus...
Funder: Royal Society

Improving Science-Informed Crab Fisheries Management in Brazil

2020 - 2021
The project offers a unique opportunity to engage with, actively contribute to and learn from a UK-Brazilian applied research project investigating the reproductive rhythmicity of the mangrove crab Uc...
Funder: Natural Environment Research Council | Value: £2,500

Uncovering the Secrets of the Fairlight: The Device that Revolutionised Pop in the 1980s

2019 - 2020
This event is a rare opportunity to find out more about a musical instrument that was worth £100,000 in the 1980s when it was used in the making of records by Afrika Bambaataa, Kate Bush, and Frankie ...
Funder: University of London | Value: £799

Monitoring Of Railway Related Infrastructure Using Optical Fibre Sensors

2019 - 2020
Student Placement Innovation Voucher as continuation of earlier Standard Innovation Voucher in partnership with Geo-Info Ltd. This project aims to extend the earlier project by assessing the performan...
Funder: Scottish Funding Council | Value: £4,930

Research Impact and Value in Library and Information Science (RIVAL) Network

2019 - 2021
To develop a formal Scotland-wide network of LIS researchers and practitioners, to help spread expertise into a connected practitioner community across all LIS sectors through high quality training an...
Funder: Royal Society of Edinburgh | Value: £20,000

Justice Analytical Services Call For Proposals - Domestic Abuse and Child Welfare Hearings Research

2018 - 2021
This research proposes to specifically examine the points of articulation (and dislocation) between civil and criminal law in domestic abuse cases through a specific focus on child contact proceedings...
Funder: Scottish Government | Value: £12,200

My Bonnie Coo

2018 - 2018
The aim of this project is to design and prototype a new, flatpack, low carbon home accessory for the Scottish tourist, domestic and export markets, using an eco-friendly alternative to medium density...
Funder: Scottish Funding Council | Value: £4,958


Qualification level

11 results

Interaction and participation: investigating the impact of mobile technologies on screen-based industries and audiences

2020 - date
James Blake | Director of Studies: Dr Kirsten MacLeod | Second Supervisor: Prof Chris Atton

Application of evolutionary machine learning in metamorphic malware analysis and detection

2017 - 2021
Dr Kehinde Babaagba | Director of Studies: Dr Thomas Tan | Second Supervisor: Prof Emma Hart

Sustainable festivals and events - an enquiry of leadership and futures

2015 - 2017
As a societal phenomenon, festivals and planned events are discussed in a wide policy context. They have entered a broader discus...
Dr Martin Robertson | Director of Studies: Prof Anna Leask | Second Supervisor: Prof Jane Ali-Knight

Impact of ubiquitous real-time information on bus passenger route choice

2015 - 2018
Real Time Travel Information (RTTI) systems deliver information to a wide range of travellers using different modes, with the ai...
Mr Faqhrul Islam | Director of Studies: Prof Achille Fonzone | Second Supervisor: Dr Andrew MacIver

The influence of illuminated road studs on safe driving behaviour

2015 - date
The aim of this research is to identify and quantify the changes to driver behaviour, with a specific emphasis on safety, that result f...
Richard Llewellyn | Director of Studies: Dr Jonathan Cowie | Second Supervisor: Mike Maher

The evaluation of data filtering criterial in wind turbine power performance assessment

2012 - 2019
Dr Brian Davison | Director of Studies: Prof Tariq Muneer | Second Supervisor: Prof Ahmed Al-Dubai

Participation Space Studies: a socio-technical exploration of activist and community groups? use of online and offline spaces to support their work

2011 - 2016
Participation Space Studies explore eParticipation ...
Dr Ella Taylor-Smith | Director of Studies: Dr Colin Smith | Second Supervisor: Dr Michael Smyth

Complex pleasures: designing optional interactions for public spaces

2008 - 2017
This research will investigate the nature of interactions between people and experience-oriented technologies such as new-media artw...
Dr Ingi Helgason | Director of Studies: Dr Michael Smyth

Smart energy monitoring technology to achieve low carbon homes

2007 - 2015
If the UK is to address its energy reduction targets, it is vital to understand energy use behaviours and to devise technology that positi...
Dr Jon Stinson | Director of Studies: Prof Sean Smith | Second Supervisor: Prof John Currie

In search of the cybermuse: Exploring the potential for, and obstacles to, the use of suport technologies in the creative process

1999 - 2006
Dr Oli Mival | Director of Studies: Dr Michael Smyth | Second Supervisor: Prof David Benyon
12 results

University teams up with community researchers to help improve their neighbourhood

6 February 2020
A Team of community researchers will join forces with academics to help improve their neighbourhood. UK Research and Innovation today announced its backing for the Seven Kingdoms of Wester Hailes, on...

University Spin-out Partners with National Center for Missing and Exploited Children

14 August 2019
Cyan Forensics - the third Cybersecurity spin-out from The Cyber Academy at Edinburgh Napier University - is partnering with America’s National Center for Missing & Exploited Children (NCMEC)

Academics moot making GLC execs’ pay public by law

31 October 2018
The assistant director of the International Centre for Management & Governance Research (ICMGR), Dr Marizah Minhat, and Associate Professor Nazam Dzolkarnaini are undertaking a research collaboration ...

Lord Sheikh Represents APPGIF at Edinburgh Forum

25 September 2018
Lord Sheikh, a co-chair of the UK's All-Party Parliamentary Group on Islamic Finance (APPGIF), visited Edinburgh on Saturday 8 September 2018 to participate in the ‘Ethical Finance & Community Develop...

Dr. Zhiyuan Tan Invited to Deliver a Seminar on Internet of Things and Its Security at the Dongguan University of Technology, China, December 2017

12 December 2017
Dongguan University of Technology (DGUT) is a key university in Dongguan, China. DGUT has undertaken more than 900 significant research projects, such as the National Key Basic Research Development Pl...

Dr. Zhiyuan Tan Won The National Research Award 2017 from The Research Council of the Sultanate of Oman

12 November 2017
Dr. Zhiyuan Tan's research work entitled "Building an intrusion detection system using a filter-based feature selection algorithm" has been awarded by the The Research Council of the Sultanate of Oman...

Financing the Chinese Belt and Road Initiative

23 August 2017
A research project was launched to explore financing issues in relation to BRI. In collaboration with international researchers, this research is led by Dr Marizah Minhat, the Assistant Director of th...

Dr. Zhiyuan Tan has been appointed as an Editorial Board Member for International Journal of Computer Sciences and its Applications

21 August 2017
The International Journal of Computer Sciences and its Applications (IJCSA) is an international online open access journal which is dedicated to quarterly publishing high-quality papers that describe ...

Islamic Finance/Investment: Rent-Seeking, Risk-Sharing and One Belt One Road

19 July 2017
Dr Marizah Minhat and Dr Nazam Dzolkarnaini were invited by the Treasury Markets Association (TMA) to deliver a talk to TMA members and market participants on “Islamic Finance/Investment: Rent-Seeking...

Dr Achille Fonzone appointed Associate Editor of Journal of Intelligent Transportation Systems

13 February 2017
Dr Achille Fonzone of Transport Research Institute has been appointed Associate Editor of the Journal of International Transportation Systems (JITS). Intelligent transportation systems are innovative ...