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Jupiter Artland Audio Guide

Digital Artefact
Flint, T., & Mcgregor, I. (2011)
Jupiter Artland Audio Guide. []
This is the official audio guide for Jupiter Artland. Visitors can choose between audio guides one might expect with commentary by artists and curators or a series of stories...

What do Dovecot Weavers Do All Day?

Digital Artefact
Flint, T., Wall, Z., & McKelvey, A. (2016)
What do Dovecot Weavers Do All Day?. []
This bespoke VR Experience enables the user to virtually step inside Dovecot Tapestry Studios.

Jupiter Artland Minecraft Experience

Digital Artefact
Flint, T. (2016)
Jupiter Artland Minecraft Experience. []
This Android application is free to download from the Google Play Store. This mixed reality game connects the real world with a virtual Minecraft version of Jupiter Artland. ...

Jupiter Artland in Minecraft

Digital Artefact
Flint, T. (2016)
Jupiter Artland in Minecraft. []
This is a facsimile of Jupiter Artland created in Minecraft. The Minecraft world has been used to investigate remote connection with the sculpture park. The world is availab...

Eidolon 360 VR Performance

Digital Artefact
Hood, B., & Flint, T. (2017)
Eidolon 360 VR Performance. []
Eidolon 360 was created with Bev Hood as part of her larger Eidolon Project. The reclining viewer inhabits the point of view of resuscitation manikin Resusci Anne, set with...