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Presence in blended spaces

Journal Article
Benyon, D. (2012)
Presence in blended spaces. Interacting with Computers, 24, 219-226.
Mixed reality technologies have been around for over ten years but it is only with the proliferation of smart phones and tablet (computers) that mixed and augmented reality in...

Presence and digital tourism

Journal Article
Benyon, D., Quigley, A., O'Keefe, B., & Riva, G. (2013)
Presence and digital tourism. AI & society,
This paper provides an introduction to digital tourism as mediated by presence research as a means to create substantive user experiences (UX) for visitors. Tourism is a rich ...

Reliving VE day with activated schemata.

Conference Proceeding
Turner, P., Turner, S., & Tzovaras, D. (2004)
Reliving VE day with activated schemata. In Proc. 8th International Workshop on Presence, 33-38
This paper reports some preliminary work on the IntoMyWorld candidate Presence II project. One of the key components of IntoMyWorld is a mixed reality ‘album’ of important eve...

Complex Pleasures: Designing Optional interactions for Public Spaces

Helgason, I. Complex Pleasures: Designing Optional interactions for Public Spaces. (Thesis)
Edinburgh Napier University. Retrieved from
This research aims to contribute to knowledge about the design of interactive systems sited in public spaces. In particular, the study concerns "optional interactions" where s...

Domains Models for User Interface Design

Book Chapter
Benyon, D. (1996)
Domains Models for User Interface Design. In D. Benyon, & P. Palanque (Eds.), Critical Issues in User Interface Systems Engineering, 3-19. Springer Verlag.
Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) is concerned with developing computer-based systems which help people undertake their work or other activities and which demonstrate a high de...

Expanding the Child Visitor Experience – mixing realities in a contemporary sculpture park

Presentation / Conference
Hall, L., Flint, T., & Mitsche, N. (2018, May)
Expanding the Child Visitor Experience – mixing realities in a contemporary sculpture park. Paper presented at 2nd International Research Symposium in Tourism Hospitality & Events
This research considers how the visitor experience could be enhanced through intertwining and blending the real and virtual, creating a new mixed reality that extended and add...

The Effectiveness of Two Audiovisual Mappings to Control a Concatenative Synthesiser

Conference Proceeding
Tsiros, A., & Leplâtre, G. (2017)
The Effectiveness of Two Audiovisual Mappings to Control a Concatenative Synthesiser. In J. Pätynen, V. Välimäki, & T. Lokki (Eds.), Proceedings of the 14th Sound and Music Computing Conference 2017. , (320-327
This paper presents the results of an investigation into audio visual (AV) correspondences conducted as part of the development of Morpheme, a painting interface to control a ...

Information Architecture and Navigation Design for Web Sites

Benyon, D. (2006)
Information Architecture and Navigation Design for Web Sites. In P. Zaphiris, & S. Kurniawan (Eds.), Human Computer Interaction Research in Web Design and Evaluation, 165-184. Hershey, Pa. ; London,: IGI Global. doi:10.4018/978-1-59904-246-6.ch008
Information architecture concerns how to structure the content of an information space. Information architects design information spaces. Staying with the notion of informatio...

Information Space.

Benyon, D. (2005)
Information Space. In C. Ghaoui (Ed.), Encyclopedia of Human Computer Interaction, 344-347. Hershey, Pa.; London;: IGI Global. doi:10.4018/978-1-59140-562-7.ch053
Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) in the 21st century needs to look very different from its 20th-century origins. Computers are becoming ubiquitous; they are disappearing into ...

Virtualizing the real: a virtual reality contemporary sculpture park for children

Journal Article
Flint, T., Hall, L., Stewart, F., & Hagan, D. (2018)
Virtualizing the real: a virtual reality contemporary sculpture park for children. Digital Creativity, 29(2/3), 191-207.
This paper discusses a virtual reality experience for a contemporary sculpture park, Jupiter Artland, developed in Minecraft targeting 9-11-year-old children. Issues of fideli...


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MEmorial Project awarded prestigious residency

19 October 2018
The MEMorial Project, has been awarded a residency at the Museum of Loss and Renewal Collomachia Italy.

Tom Flint to talk at Edinburgh Informatics HCI Group

20 February 2018
Tom Flint will be discussing his work with Jupiter Artland in a talk titled An infrastructure for exploring the mixed reality continuum with children: Minecraft, Mixed Reality, and Jupiter Artland. T...

Appropriation Affordance and Minecraft Invited talk by Tom Flint

24 November 2017
Tom Flint gave a seminar for The Centre for Research in Digital Education titled Appropriation Affordance and Minecraft: What the methods people use to navigate Minecraft tell us about approaches to t...

Augusto Esteves will be delivering a seminar at the University of Bath

22 November 2017
Augusto Esteves has been invited by the HCI group at the University of Bath to deliver a seminar on his work on motion matching input for the Internet-of-Things (IoT). Abstract: Motion matching is a...

WaveTrace awarded by Design United and the Dutch Design Week

20 October 2017
WaveTrace, a project that was internally funded, was awarded with an additional 5000€ from Design United, to prepare an exhibition at the acclaimed Dutch Design Week. This work was done in collaborati...

Augusto Esteves has been accepted as Fellow of the RSA

17 August 2017
The Royal Society for the Encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce (RSA) is a London-based, British organisation committed to finding practical solutions to social challenges. Founded in 1754 ...

Tom Flint to demonstrate VR application at The National Gallery London

28 July 2017
Tom Flint will be accompanying weavers from Dovecot Tapestry Studio at a workshop held at the National Gallery London.

Emilia Sobolewska - Best Paper Award at British HCI 2017

4 July 2017
Work titled "Tailoring Methodological Bricolage to Investigate Non-Discretionary use of digital technology" by Emilia Sobolewska awarded Best Paper at British HCI 2017 Conference

Android Mixed Reality Game for Jupiter Artland launched at Edinburgh International Science Festival.

31 March 2017
A bespoke Android game based on the Jupiter Artland Minecraft Experience was launched at a special event today.

Dr Oli Mival invited to speak at Innovate Robotics event hosted by VisitScotland

16 February 2017
Dr Oli Mival from the School of Computing's Centre for Interaction Design has been invited to speak at INNOVATE ROBOTICS on the fundamental questions of how we engage in human-robotic-interaction, fro...