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Democratic Participation through Crocheted Memes.

Conference Proceeding
Taylor-Smith, E., Smith, C. F., & Smyth, M. (2018)
Democratic Participation through Crocheted Memes. In SMSociety '18 Proceedings of the 9th International Conference on Social Media and Society, (178-186).
In a UK city, various crocheted protest banners have appeared, containing political statements concerning planned developments in their locations. Photos of these banners are ...

Conical Nanoparticles for Blood Disease Detection

Journal Article
Spada, L. L., Iovine, R., Tarparelli, R., & Vegni, L. (2013)
Conical Nanoparticles for Blood Disease Detection. Advances in nanoparticles, 02(03), 259-265. doi:10.4236/anp.2013.23036
Metallic nanoparticles play an important role in the design of sensing platforms. In this paper, a new electromagnetic study for conical metal nanoparticles, working in the Ne...

Surface wave cloaking using transformation optics

Conference Proceeding
La Spada, L., & Hao, Y. (2015)
Surface wave cloaking using transformation optics. In 2015 1st URSI Atlantic Radio Science Conference (URSI AT-RASC)doi:10.1109/ursi-at-rasc.2015.7302892
Recently, there has been an increasing interest in the study of manipulating surface waves from microwave to optical frequencies [1, 2], especially for the design of conformal...

Electromagnetic modeling of metamaterial-based sensors

Conference Proceeding
Spada, L. L. (2015)
Electromagnetic modeling of metamaterial-based sensors. doi:10.1109/imws-bio.2014.7032448
In this paper metamaterial-based sensors electromagnetic modeling is presented. In particular, the interaction between the electromagnetic waves and such structures is analyti...

Surface plasmon resonance of nanoshell particles with PMMA-graphene core

Journal Article
Tarparelli, R., Iovine, R., La Spada, L., & Vegni, L. (2014)
Surface plasmon resonance of nanoshell particles with PMMA-graphene core. COMPEL: The International Journal for Computation and Mathematics in Electrical and Electronic Engineering, 33(6), 2016-2029. doi:10.1108/compel-11-2013-0351
The purpose of this paper is to contribute an analytical and numerical study of a new type of nanoshell particles operating in the visible regime. The structure consists of a ...

Spectral Green's Function for SPR Meta-Structures

Journal Article
Iovine, R., La Spada, L., Tarparelli, R., & Vegni, L. (2014)
Spectral Green's Function for SPR Meta-Structures. Materials Science Forum, 792, 110-114. doi:10.4028/
In this paper we propose a new approach to study the electromagnetic field in Surface Plasmon Resonance (SPR) meta-structures. The geometry is a planar structure infinitely ex...

Optical Properties of Modified Nanorod Particles for Biomedical Sensing

Journal Article
Iovine, R., Spada, L. L., & Vegni, L. (2014)
Optical Properties of Modified Nanorod Particles for Biomedical Sensing. IEEE Transactions on Magnetics, 50(2), 169-172. doi:10.1109/tmag.2013.2284552
In this paper, an analytical and numerical investigation for modified gold nanorod particles, operating in the visible and in the infrared regime is proposed. The modified par...

Metasurface-Epsilon Near Zero-based Electromagnetic Wave Absorber

Conference Proceeding
La Spada, L. (2014)
Metasurface-Epsilon Near Zero-based Electromagnetic Wave Absorber. In Proceedings of 9th International Conference on Body Area Networksdoi:10.4108/icst.bodynets.2014.257016
The purpose of this paper is to design a new electromagnetic wave absorber. It consists of a planar layered structure with an isotropic Epsilon-Near-Zero (ENZ) material and a ...

Epsilon-Near-Zero Nanoantennas

Conference Proceeding
La Spada, L. (2014)
Epsilon-Near-Zero Nanoantennas. In Proceedings of the 9th International Conference on Body Area Networksdoi:10.4108/icst.bodynets.2014.257015
In this paper the design of Epsilon Near Zero (ENZ) antennas, working in the infrared and optical regime, is presented. Two different structures are considered: the classical ...

Nanoparticle device for biomedical and optoelectronics applications

Journal Article
Iovine, R., La Spada, L., & Vegni, L. (2013)
Nanoparticle device for biomedical and optoelectronics applications. COMPEL: The International Journal for Computation and Mathematics in Electrical and Electronic Engineering, 32(5), 1596-1608. doi:10.1108/compel-03-2013-0105
In this contribution, the aim is to present a nanoparticle device, operating in the visible regime based on the localized surface plasmon resonance (LSPR) phenomenon. The nan...


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SMART NETS: Signal management in real time for urban traffic networks

2001 - 2004
SMART NETS aims at enabling a significant improvement of the international state-of-the-art in real-time network-wide urban traffic control via application, demonstration, and comparative evaluation o...
Funder: EU Framework Programme 7 and FP6 and earlier programmes

PROGRESS: Pricing road use for greater responsibility, efficiency and sustainability in cities

2000 - 2004
The overall objective of PROGRESS is 'to demonstrate and evaluate the effectiveness and acceptance of integrated urban transport pricing schemes to achieve transport goals and raise revenue.' The obj...
Funder: European Commission | Value: £419,282


2013 - 2014
UrbanIxD (urban interaction design) is a 2 year European project that will build a research network around the domain of data-rich urban environments, focusing on human activities, experiences and beh...
Funder: European Commission | Value: £297,920


2011 - 2013
COMPASS will investigate ICT solutions for improving passenger co-modality for long-distiance, rural and urban travel.
Funder: European Commission | Value: £440,277

Citizen Bank

2015 - 2015
Citizen Bank is looking to work with the University to explore the potential of using technology as a mechanism to aid in community participation. This collaboration seeks to explore the technical req...
Funder: Scottish Funding Council | Value: £5,000


2004 - 2007
EUropean RAmp Metering Project (EURAMP) EURAMP is a comprehensive, up-to-date, representative, collective European action focused on ramp metering control measures in European motorways in the aim of...
Funder: European Commission | Value: £201,796

EXPGOV: City of Manchester (Case Study)

2010 - 2013
Researching and drafting of a case study on exploring emerging ICT-enabled governance models in EU Cities: City of Manchester
Funder: European Commission | Value: £5,231

Information for Action on Climate Change

2017 - 2019
The challenge that climate change poses to humanity and the natural environment is critical and well documented. Faced with such an unprecedented challenge, three responses are needed: drastic cuts in...
Funder: V. Kann Rasmussen Foundation | Value: £3,120

Associate Student Project

2014 - 2020
The Associate Student Project (ASP) builds partnerships between the School of Computing and local further education colleges (FEs) to support students who study for the first two years of their degree...
Funder: Scottish Funding Council

The Wee Tie Company: Innovation Voucher

2018 - 2018
Development of a working prototype for the "Wee Tie", a new fashion accessory for wearing with open-necked shirts. Our input will be to look at materials and fastening/adjusting mechanisms at the back...
Funder: Scottish Funding Council | Value: £5,000


Qualification level

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Sustainable festivals and events - an enquiry of leadership and futures

2015 - 2017
As a societal phenomenon, festivals and planned events are discussed in a wide policy context. They have entered a broader discus...
Dr Martin Robertson | Director of Studies: Prof Anna Leask | Second Supervisor: Prof Jane Ali-Knight

Participation Space Studies: a socio-technical exploration of activist and community groups? use of online and offline spaces to support their work

2011 - 2016
Participation Space Studies explore eParticipation ...
Dr Ella Taylor-Smith | Director of Studies: Dr Colin Smith | Second Supervisor: Dr Michael Smyth

Impact of ubiquitous real-time information on bus passenger route choice

2015 - 2018
Real Time Travel Information (RTTI) systems deliver information to a wide range of travellers using different modes, with the ai...
Mr Faqhrul Islam | Director of Studies: Dr Achille Fonzone | Second Supervisor: Dr Andrew MacIver

The influence of illuminated road studs on safe driving behaviour

2015 - date
The aim of this research is to identify and quantify the changes to driver behaviour, with a specific emphasis on safety, that result f...
Richard Llewellyn | Director of Studies: Dr Jonathan Cowie | Second Supervisor: Mike Maher

In search of the cybermuse: Exploring the potential for, and obstacles to, the use of suport technologies in the creative process

1999 - 2006
Dr Oli Mival | Director of Studies: Dr Michael Smyth | Second Supervisor: Prof David Benyon

Complex pleasures: designing optional interactions for public spaces

2008 - 2017
This research will investigate the nature of interactions between people and experience-oriented technologies such as new-media artw...
Dr Ingi Helgason | Director of Studies: Dr Michael Smyth

The evaluation of data filtering criterial in wind turbine power performance assessment

2012 - 2019
Dr Brian Davison | Director of Studies: Prof Tariq Muneer | Second Supervisor: Prof Ahmed Al-Dubai

Application of evolutionary machine learning in metamorphic malware analysis and detection

2017 - date
Ms Kehinde Babaagba | Director of Studies: Dr Thomas Tan | Second Supervisor: Prof Emma Hart

Economic appraisal and risk analysis of construction automation

1998 - 2003
Dr Mark Taylor | Director of Studies: Prof Ian Smith

Smart energy monitoring technology to achieve low carbon homes

2007 - 2015
If the UK is to address its energy reduction targets, it is vital to understand energy use behaviours and to devise technology that positi...
Dr Jon Stinson | Director of Studies: Prof Sean Smith | Second Supervisor: Prof John Currie
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University Spin-out Partners with National Center for Missing and Exploited Children

14 August 2019
Cyan Forensics - the third Cybersecurity spin-out from The Cyber Academy at Edinburgh Napier University - is partnering with America’s National Center for Missing & Exploited Children (NCMEC)

Academics moot making GLC execs’ pay public by law

31 October 2018
The assistant director of the International Centre for Management & Governance Research (ICMGR), Dr Marizah Minhat, and Associate Professor Nazam Dzolkarnaini are undertaking a research collaboration ...

Lord Sheikh Represents APPGIF at Edinburgh Forum

25 September 2018
Lord Sheikh, a co-chair of the UK's All-Party Parliamentary Group on Islamic Finance (APPGIF), visited Edinburgh on Saturday 8 September 2018 to participate in the ‘Ethical Finance & Community Develop...

Dr. Zhiyuan Tan Invited to Deliver a Seminar on Internet of Things and Its Security at the Dongguan University of Technology, China, December 2017

12 December 2017
Dongguan University of Technology (DGUT) is a key university in Dongguan, China. DGUT has undertaken more than 900 significant research projects, such as the National Key Basic Research Development Pl...

Dr. Zhiyuan Tan Won The National Research Award 2017 from The Research Council of the Sultanate of Oman

12 November 2017
Dr. Zhiyuan Tan's research work entitled "Building an intrusion detection system using a filter-based feature selection algorithm" has been awarded by the The Research Council of the Sultanate of Oman...

Financing the Chinese Belt and Road Initiative

23 August 2017
A research project was launched to explore financing issues in relation to BRI. In collaboration with international researchers, this research is led by Dr Marizah Minhat, the Assistant Director of th...

Dr. Zhiyuan Tan has been appointed as an Editorial Board Member for International Journal of Computer Sciences and its Applications

21 August 2017
The International Journal of Computer Sciences and its Applications (IJCSA) is an international online open access journal which is dedicated to quarterly publishing high-quality papers that describe ...

Islamic Finance/Investment: Rent-Seeking, Risk-Sharing and One Belt One Road

19 July 2017
Dr Marizah Minhat and Dr Nazam Dzolkarnaini were invited by the Treasury Markets Association (TMA) to deliver a talk to TMA members and market participants on “Islamic Finance/Investment: Rent-Seeking...

Dr Achille Fonzone appointed Associate Editor of Journal of Intelligent Transportation Systems

13 February 2017
Dr Achille Fonzone of Transport Research Institute has been appointed Associate Editor of the Journal of International Transportation Systems (JITS). Intelligent transportation systems are innovative ...

Professor Hazel Hall serves as a judge at FameLab 2017

13 December 2016
Professor Hazel Hall served as a judge at the Edinburgh heat of FameLab 2017, held on Thursday 8th December 2016 at Heriot Watt University.