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for St Gabriel's

Burton, K. (2018)
for St Gabriel's. [PDF score]. Prestonpans, Scotland
A site-specific work informed by the architectural design of St Gabriel's RC church, Prestonpans. The piece was presented at St Gabriel's on July 7th 2018 by Caitlin Monaghan ...

Floating Sanctuary

Burton, K. (2017)
Floating Sanctuary
A site-specific work for solo cello written for Edinburgh Doors open Day. The piece is informed by the architectural design of Craigsbank Parish Church and was presented in th...

Haftor Medbøe Group - A Box of Monkeys

Medbøe, H. (2009)
Haftor Medbøe Group - A Box of Monkeys. Edinburgh, UK
An album of five compositions featuring Anneke Kampman (vocals), Konrad Wiszniewski (tenor saxophone), Chris Greive (trombone), Eva Malling (bass), Signy Jacobsdottir (percuss...

Haftor Medbøe & Anneke Kampman - Places and Spaces

Medbøe, H. (2012)
Haftor Medbøe & Anneke Kampman - Places and Spaces. Edinburgh, UK
An album of nine compositions featuring Anneke Kampman (vocals), Andy Jeffcoat (synth), Richard Kass (percussion). Engineered by Michal Jankowski Produced by Graham Coe Rele...

Medbøe/Eriksen/Halle - The Space Between

Medbøe, H. (2015)
Medbøe/Eriksen/Halle - The Space Between. Norway
An album of original compositions performed by Haftor Medbøe (guitar), Espen Eriksen (piano), Gunnar Halle (trumpet) Released on Losen Records, November 2015 with financal su...

Deacon (CD/DVD Set)

Moir, Z. (2009)
Deacon (CD/DVD Set
DVD/CD set of commissioned work for the rehabilitation of adult cochlear implant users, published by MED-EL UK.

for Mies

Burton, K. (2015)
for Mies. Chicago, USA
A work for solo cello commissioned by Access Contemporary Music and the Chicago Architecture Foundation. The composition explores the relationship between music and the archit...

Distant Voices

Dempster, K. (2016)
Distant Voices
Distant Voices - A unique multi-disciplinary performance, in which live musicians in Edinburgh connect, via video-link technology, with dancers on stage in Liverpool and Flori...

Two Hearts Beating

Dempster, K. (2017)
Two Hearts Beating
Grassmarket Community Project • Composition: Two Hearts Beating for soprano and guitar. • Performance 1: Grassmarket Community Project during Edinburgh Doors Open Day ...

for one

Hails, J. (2016)
for one. Print manuscript in the possession of the composer
Musical work (duration 19') for oneunspecified melodic sustaining instrument. Work employs specific tuning related to just intervals.