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Revisiting the Central and Peripheral Immune System

Conference Proceeding
McEwan, C., Hart, E., & Paechter, B. (2006)
Revisiting the Central and Peripheral Immune System. In Artificial Immune Systems. ICARIS 2007, 240-251. doi:10.1007/978-3-540-73922-7_21
The idiotypic network has a long and chequered history in both theoretical immunology and Artificial Immune Systems. In terms of the latter, the drive for engineering applicat...

Review of e-Health Frameworks.

Conference Proceeding
Prajapati, B., Buchanan, W. J., Smales, A., Macfarlane, R., & Spyra, G. (2015)
Review of e-Health Frameworks. In Health Informatics Conference 2015
In order to improve the quality of health care and widen the accessibility, health care providers are consistently looking to inject information and communication technology t...

Software agents and computer network security.

Conference Proceeding
Pikoulas, J., Mannion, M., & Buchanan, W. J. (2000)
Software agents and computer network security. In Engineering of Computer Based Systems, 2000. (ECBS 2000) Proceedings. Seventh IEEE International Conference and Workshopon the, 211-217.
Preventing unauthorised access to corporate information systems is essential for many organisations. To address this problem we built a security enhancement software system us...

Secret shares to protect health records in Cloud-based infrastructures

Conference Proceeding
Buchanan, W. J., Ukwandu, E., van Deursen, N., Fan, L., Russell, G., Lo, O., & Thuemmler, C. (2016)
Secret shares to protect health records in Cloud-based infrastructures. In 2015 17th International Conference on E-health Networking, Application & Services (HealthCom)
Increasingly health records are stored in cloud-based systems, and often protected by a private key. Unfortunately the loss of this key can cause large-scale data loss. This p...

Security and Routing Scoped IP Multicast Addresses

Conference Proceeding
Romdhani, I., Al-Dubai, A., & Kellil, M. (2009)
Security and Routing Scoped IP Multicast Addresses. In International Conference on Parallel Processing Workshops, 2009. ICPPW '09. , (228-235).
IP multicast is an efficient and scalable network layer delivering method for multimedia content to a large number of receivers across the Internet. It saves the network bandw...

Security issues of a publicly accessible cloud computing infrastructure.

Conference Proceeding
Russell, G., & Macfarlane, R. (2012)
Security issues of a publicly accessible cloud computing infrastructure. In Proceedings of the 11th IEEE International Conference on Trust, Security and Privacy in Computing and Communications (TrustCom-2012), 1210-1216.
Edinburgh Napier University runs a custom cloud computing infrastructure for both student and public use. Such access carries dangers, both reputational and legal, as accident...

Semantic description of cloud service agreements

Conference Proceeding
Greenwell, R., Liu, X., & Chalmers, K. (2015)
Semantic description of cloud service agreements. In Science and Information Conference (SAI), 2015, (823-831).
To provide cloud services as a utility there must be a mechanism for comprehensively and precisely specifying cloud service agreements to reduce differences in service percept...

Probing the sense of place.

Conference Proceeding
O'Neill, S., McCall, R., Smyth, M., & Benyon, D. (2004)
Probing the sense of place. In Presence 2004
This paper describes the application and results of two studies using a qualitative tool designed to examine sense of place in relation to presence research in the BENOGO proj...

Privacy-preserving data acquisition protocol.

Conference Proceeding
Kwecka, Z., Buchanan, W. J., & Spiers, D. A. (2010)
Privacy-preserving data acquisition protocol. In IEEE International Conference of Computational Methods in Electrical and Electronics Engineering. , (131-136).
Current investigative data acquisition techniques often breach human and natural rights of the data subject and can jeopardize an investigation. Often the investigators need t...

Poxels: polygonal voxel environment rendering

Conference Proceeding
Miller, M., Cumming, A., Chalmers, K., Kenwright, B., & Mitchell, K. (2013)
Poxels: polygonal voxel environment rendering. In Proceedings of the 20th ACM Symposium on Virtual Reality Software and Technology - VRST '14, 235-236. doi:10.1145/2671015.2671125
We present efficient rendering of opaque, sparse, voxel environments with data amplified in local graphics memory with stream-out from a geomery shader to a cached vertex buff...