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MRC4: A Modified RC4 Algorithm using Symmetric Random Function Generator for Improved Cryptographic Features

Journal Article
Saha, R., Geetha, G., Kumar, G., Kim, T., & Buchanan, W. J. (2019)
MRC4: A Modified RC4 Algorithm using Symmetric Random Function Generator for Improved Cryptographic Features. IEEE Access, 7, 172045-172054.
The Rivest Cipher 4 (RC4) has been one of the most popular stream ciphers for providing symmetric key encryption, and is now proposed as an efficient cipher within light-weigh...

Five minutes of face time

Conference Proceeding
Davison, B., Rivera, E., & Fotheringham, J. (2015)
Five minutes of face time. In EDULEARN15 Proceedings. , (6951-6957
Despite the disadvantages of large class sizes identified by Cuseo [1], it is no longer unusual for university class sizes to far exceed 100 students. According to Cuseo, stud...

Dynamic surface control for stabilization of the oscillating eccentric rotor

Journal Article
Qaiser, N., Hussain, A., Iqbal, N., & Qaiser, N. (2007)
Dynamic surface control for stabilization of the oscillating eccentric rotor. Proceedings of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, Part I: Journal of Systems and Control Engineering, 221(3), 311-319.
The present paper presents a new solution for the stabilization and disturbance attenuation problems of the oscillating eccentric rotor (OER), an extensively studied non-linea...

Towards Diagram-Based Editing of Ontologies

Conference Proceeding
Chapman, P., & Roberts, W. (2018)
Towards Diagram-Based Editing of Ontologies. In Diagrammatic Representation and Inference. , (699-703).
Ontology creation and editing involves multiple stakeholders, not all of whom may be mathematically trained. Whilst ontology editors, such as Protege, are extensible with visu...

Switching between different ways to think: Multiple approaches to affective common sense reasoning

Conference Proceeding
Cambria, E., Mazzocco, T., Hussain, A., & Durrani, T. (2011)
Switching between different ways to think: Multiple approaches to affective common sense reasoning. In Analysis of Verbal and Nonverbal Communication and Enactment. The Processing Issues: COST 2102 International Conference, Budapest, Hungary, September 7-10, 2010, Revised Selected Papers. , (56-69).
Emotions are different Ways to Think that our mind triggers to deal with different situations we face in our lives. Our ability to reason and make decisions, in fact, is stric...

A new chaos-based secure image encryption scheme using multiple substitution boxes

Conference Proceeding
Khan, J. S., ur Rehman, A., Ahmad, J., & Habib, Z. (2015)
A new chaos-based secure image encryption scheme using multiple substitution boxes. In 2015 Conference on Information Assurance and Cyber Security (CIACS)
Due to development in Internet and networking technology, multimedia data is broadly transmitted via wired and wireless medium. Thus security is a major concern in modern comm...

A Quality of Service-Aware Secured Communication Scheme for Internet of Things-Based Networks

Journal Article
Khan, F., Ur Rehman, A., Yahya, A., Jan, M. A., Chuma, J., Tan, Z., & Hussain, K. (2019)
A Quality of Service-Aware Secured Communication Scheme for Internet of Things-Based Networks. Sensors, 19,
The Internet of Things (IoT) is an emerging technology that aims to enable the interconnection of a large number of smart devices and heterogeneous networks. Ad hoc networks p...

Guest editorial data-based control, modeling, and optimization

Journal Article
Chai, T., Hou, Z., Lewis, F. L., Hussain, A., & Zhao, D. (2011)
Guest editorial data-based control, modeling, and optimization. IEEE Transactions on Neural Networks, 22(12), 2150-2153.
The 21 papers in this special section focus on data-based control, modeling, and optimization.

PIR sensor array for hand motion recognition

Presentation / Conference
Wojtczuk, P., Armitage, A., Binnie, D., & Chamberlain, T. (2011, August)
PIR sensor array for hand motion recognition. Paper presented at SensorDevices 2011, Nice, France
Abstract—In this paper we present our work towards a hand gesture recognition system realised with a passive thermal infrared sensor array. In contrast with the majority of re...

Building Employer Partnerships: a regional placement perspective.

Presentation / Conference
Smith, S., & Smith, C. F. (2013, July)
Building Employer Partnerships: a regional placement perspective. Paper presented at HEA Annual Conference, University of Warwick
The case for paid placements as transformational for students has been made; indeed the Wilson report (A Review of Business- University Collaboration, exhor...



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Plansafe - Follow on voucher

2015 - 2016
This is a follow-on innovation voucher project to further develop a software system which will fully document Statutory Examinations of lifting, pressure and LEV equipment. The solution will involve a...
Funder: Scottish Funding Council | Value: £35,837

Next Generation Trust Architecture

2018 - 2020
This work will provide proof-of-concept infrastructures and which will be used to create an ecosystem for strong use cases, and thus attract new funding for the building of new health and social care ...
Funder: Digital Health Institute | Value: £149,959

An Approach to Modelling and Evolution of Service Architecture and its Reliability in Clouds

2011 - 2013
Clouds are a new supplement, consumption, and delivery model for ICT services based on the Internet, and it typically involves over-the-Internet provision of dynamically scalable and often virtualized...
Funder: Royal Society of Edinburgh | Value: £12,000

GamesAnalytics Ltd Innovation Voucher

2011 - 2011
Prototype statistical models and visualisations were developed to determine the feasibility of the approach. These will be developed further to address the massive sized data sets invovled.
Funder: Scottish Funding Council | Value: £5,000

Media-rich Customer Service System

2014 - 2014
Edinburgh Napier University is working with the JAC Vapour, the leading, Edinburgh-based, online electronic cigarette retailer on a customer support platform featuring media-rich and mobile features n...
Funder: Scottish Funding Council | Value: £5,000

Teallach: Systematic Generic Support for User Interfaces to Databases

1996 - 1999
A research project aiming to provide a software workbench which facilitates the rapid in a manner which is independent of any specific underlying database system. This will provide a means for moving ...
Funder: Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council | Value: £136,000

The evolution of social networking and its impact on Career Management Skills

2014 - 2018
In his thesis The role of networking and social media tools during job search: an information behaviour perspective Mowbray explores job search networking amongst 16-24 year olds living in Scotland, a...
Funder: Economic and Social Research Council | Value: £59,401

Repairing Polluted Artificial Intelligent Systems with Machine Unlearning

2019 - 2021
This project is intended to seek in-depth understanding of the new promising decentralised machine learning scheme, namely federated learning, and develop a proof-of-concept algorithm-independent unle...
Funder: ENU Development Trust | Value: £29,998

Research Impact and Value in Library and Information Science (RIVAL) Network

2019 - 2021
To develop a formal Scotland-wide network of LIS researchers and practitioners, to help spread expertise into a connected practitioner community across all LIS sectors through high quality training an...
Funder: Royal Society of Edinburgh | Value: £20,000

Walks & Waterfalls Innovation Voucher

2018 - 2018
Walks and Waterfalls is a multi-channel interactive project intended to design and roadmap a blended experience between a fine art photography book, a mobile augmented reality app and physical locatio...
Funder: Scottish Funding Council | Value: £5,000




Qualification level

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Embedded document security using sticky policies and identity based encryption

2013 - 2019
As we move into storing data within a public cloud infrastructure we reduce the defences and must embed security into the ...
Grzegorz Spyra | Director of Studies: Prof Bill Buchanan | Second Supervisor: Dr Elias Ekonomou

A multidimensional sketching interface for visual interaction with corpus-based concatenative sound synthesis

2009 - 2016
The present research sought to investigate the correspondence between auditory and visual f...
Dr Augoustinos Tsiros | Director of Studies: Dr Gregory Leplatre | Second Supervisor: Dr Michael Smyth

Mango: A model-driven approach to Engineering Green Mobile Cloud Applications

2012 - 2017
With the growing need of the industry and due to high business demands, there have consequently been high demands of IT pro...
Mr Samuel Chinenyeze | Director of Studies: Prof Xiaodong Liu | Second Supervisor: Prof Ahmed Al-Dubai

Leadership for the CIO: building capacity through applying leadership theory using frameworks

2012 - 2016
At present the Information Technology profession appears to be dogged by high profile project failure, high...
Prof Sally Smith | Director of Studies: Mr Grant MacKerron | Second Supervisor: Dr Vaughan Ellis

Adaptive energy management mechanisms for clustering based routing wireless sensor networks

2013 - 2017
"The development of science and technology are increasingly affecting and changing the nature of processes in...
Mr Mohamed Eshaftri | Director of Studies: Prof Ahmed Al-Dubai | Second Supervisor: Dr Imed Romdhani

UrbanIxD: Exploring human interactions for the hybrid city

2015 - 2022
With the vision of ubiquitous computing becoming increasingly realized, a new technological layer in the form of sensors, urban screens, smart...
Shenando Stals | Director of Studies: Dr Michael Smyth | Second Supervisor: Dr Oli Mival

A cognitive IoE (Internet of Everything) approach for ambient-intelligent smart spaces

2014 - 2019
Ambient-Intelligent Inhabited Environment using Cognitive-Internet of Everything
Gopal Singh Jamnal | Director of Studies: Prof Xiaodong Liu | Second Supervisor: Dr Augusto Abreu Esteves

Investigating communicating sequential processes for Java to support ubiquitous computing

2005 - 2009
Ubiquitous Computing promises to enrich our everyday lives by enabling the environment to be enhanced via compu...
Dr Kevin Chalmers | Director of Studies: Prof Jon Kerridge | Second Supervisor: Dr Imed Romdhani

The meeting journey: Supporting the design of interaction within co-located, collaborative device ecologies

2013 - 2019
I am currently working on a PhD programme in the Centre for Interaction Design, supervised by...
Aurelien Ammeloot | Director of Studies: Prof David Benyon | Second Supervisor: Dr Oli Mival

Visualising Multiple Overlapping Classification Hierarchies

1998 - 2002
The revision or reorganisation of hierarchical data sets can result in many possible hierarchical classifications composed of the same or ove...
Dr Martin Graham | Director of Studies: Prof Jessie Kennedy | Second Supervisor: Prof David Benyon


121 results

Promising cyber security project supported by new Scottish Enterprise funding

21 September 2022
TrueDeploy, an exciting project from the School of Computing, Engineering & the Built Environment (SCEBE) at Edinburgh Napier University (ENU), has secured £199,952 in additional support from Scottish...

New leader of Social Informatics research group

1 September 2022
Peter Cruickshank now leader of the Social Informatics research group

Double funding success for School of Computing

21 March 2022
Two projects from Edinburgh Napier’s acclaimed School of Computing have won funding from a programme which develops innovative cyber security ideas for the commercial market. TrueDeploy and Trustd ar...

Dr Tom Flint awarded prestigious R&D funding

16 November 2020
Dr Tom Flint from the School of Computing at Edinburgh Napier University has been named as a member of one of the groups in the funded R&D phase of Festival UK 2022.

Dr Webster becomes a full member of the EPSRC Peer Review College

30 October 2020
Dr Gemma Webster has been promoted from the EPSRC Associate College to Full College membership.

School of Computing Group Project Prize 2020

4 May 2020
The winners of the best group project 2020 are chosen in an online event by Computershare.

School of Computing Hosts Easter Egg hunt online in Jupiter Artland in Minecraft

12 April 2020
Children from across Scotland gathered together in virtual space for an Easter Egg hunt hosted in Jupiter Artland in Minecraft during the lockdown.

University teams up with community researchers to help improve their neighbourhood

6 February 2020
A Team of community researchers will join forces with academics to help improve their neighbourhood. UK Research and Innovation today announced its backing for the Seven Kingdoms of Wester Hailes, on...

How working together delivered the key to unlocking the value of health data to European citizens

2 December 2019
Symphonic integrated into the EU Shield project, and which aims to share health care information across Europe, in a trusted way. Symphonic integrated a consent module which allows patient consent dat...

University Spin-out - Cyan Forensics - Wins at GovTech Summit 2019

18 November 2019
The third Cybersecurity spin-out from The Cyber Academy at Edinburgh Napier University was the winner at PitchGovTech as part of the GovTech Summit 2019.