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Mango: A model-driven approach to Engineering Green Mobile Cloud Applications

2012 - 2017
With the growing need of the industry and due to high business demands, there have consequently been high demands of IT pro...
Mr Samuel Chinenyeze | Director of Studies: Prof Xiaodong Liu | Second Supervisor: Prof Ahmed Al-Dubai

Investigating communicating sequential processes for Java to support ubiquitous computing

2005 - 2009
Ubiquitous Computing promises to enrich our everyday lives by enabling the environment to be enhanced via compu...
Dr Kevin Chalmers | Director of Studies: Prof Jon Kerridge | Second Supervisor: Dr Imed Romdhani

Visualising Multiple Overlapping Classification Hierarchies

1998 - 2002
The revision or reorganisation of hierarchical data sets can result in many possible hierarchical classifications composed of the same or ove...
Dr Martin Graham | Director of Studies: Prof Jessie Kennedy | Second Supervisor: Prof David Benyon

Natural Language Interfaces to support career decision-making of young people

2021 - date
Exploring how natural language interfaces can be used to support young people with career decision making, including ethics...
Marianne Wilson | Director of Studies: Dr Peter Cruickshank | Second Supervisor: Dr Dimitra Gkatzia

Intermediated Reality

2016 - 2020
Real-time solutions to reducing the gap between virtual and physical worlds for photorealistic interactive Augmented Reality (AR) are presented. First, a method of texture deforma...
Dr Llogari Casas Cambra | Director of Studies: Prof Kenny Mitchell | Second Supervisor: Dr Kevin Chalmers

A closer look at adaptation mechanisms in simulated environment-driven evolutionary swarm robotics

2013 - 2018
Swarm robotics is a special case within the general field of robotics. The distributed nature makes it...
Dr Andreas Steyven | Director of Studies: Prof Emma Hart | Second Supervisor: Prof Ben Paechter

Novel hyperheuristics applied to the domain of bin packing

2010 - 2014
Hyper-heuristics (HH) have been described as methodologies that aim to offer “good enough -soon enough - cheap enough” solutions to real world...
Dr Kevin Sim | Director of Studies: Prof Emma Hart | Second Supervisor: Prof Ben Paechter

A software framework for the microscopic modelling of pedestrian movement

1999 - 2007
A town planner, faced with the task of designing attractive walking spaces, needs a tool that will allow different designs to b...
Dr Robert Kukla | Director of Studies: Prof Jon Kerridge | Second Supervisor: Prof Jessie Kennedy

Interactive Visualisation Tools for Supporting Taxonomists Working Practice

2001 - 2006
The necessity for scientists and others to use consistent terminology has recently been regarded as fundamental to advancing ...
Dr Alan Cannon | Director of Studies: Prof Jessie Kennedy

Solving a real world routing proglem using evolutionary algorithms and multi-agent systems

1999 - 2003
Dr Neil Urquhart | Director of Studies: Peter Ross | Second Supervisor: Prof Ben Paechter