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Impact of climate change and envelope performance dilapidation on dwellings

2012 - 2019
"This study looks at addressing the issues concerning environmentally conscious homes and reviewing how efficiently they comp...
Dr Julio Bros Williamson | Director of Studies: Prof John Currie | Second Supervisor: Dr Celine Garnier

Moisture conditions in external timber cladding: field trials and their design implications

2004 - 2011
This research was funded by the EU Northern Periphery Programme as part of a trans-national project titled: E...
Dr Ivor Davies | Director of Studies: Charles Fairfield | Second Supervisor: Alastair Stupart

Optimising Timber Frame Construction

2002 - 2007
Timber platform frame has evolved as an efficient method of construction for domestic dwellings and is experiencing continual growth in the UK due to it lending its...
Prof Robert Hairstans | Director of Studies: Prof Abdy Kermani | Second Supervisor: Fouad Khalaf

Potential of noble fir, Norway spruce, western red cedar and western hemlock grown for timber production in Great Britain

2013 - 2018
"I am investigating the merchantability and wood properties of Noble fir (Abies...
David Gil-Moreno | Director of Studies: Dr Dan Ridley-Ellis

Architecture of emergencies in the Middle East: Proposed shelter design criteria

2015 - 2019
The ongoing research covers the Architectural design and construction of the humanitarian response during and after emer...
Miss Lara Alshawawreh | Director of Studies: Prof Sean Smith | Second Supervisor: John Wood

Performance measurement and mathematical modelling of integrated solar water heaters

2005 - 2009
Dr Celine Garnier | Director of Studies: Prof John Currie | Second Supervisor: Dr Tom Grassie

Automated code compliance for structural timber design with building information modelling

2014 - 2020
Mr Andrew Livingstone | Director of Studies: Prof Robert Hairstans | Second Supervisor: Prof Sean Smith

Smart energy monitoring technology to achieve low carbon homes

2007 - 2015
If the UK is to address its energy reduction targets, it is vital to understand energy use behaviours and to devise technology that positi...
Dr Jon Stinson | Director of Studies: Prof Sean Smith | Second Supervisor: Prof John Currie

Retrofit Evaluation of Non Domestic Buildings in Scotland prior to connection to 4th generation district heating

2018 - date
Antoine Reguis | Director of Studies: Prof John Currie

The delusion of innovations? An investigation into micro-level competency barriers to an effective macro-level diffusion of Bulding Information Modelling in the UK

2015 - date
Melanie Robinson | Director of Studies: Dr Celine Garnier | Second Supervisor: Prof John Currie