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Stock Options and Credit Default Swaps in Risk Management

Journal Article
Al-Own, B., Minhat, M., & Gao, S. (2018)
Stock Options and Credit Default Swaps in Risk Management. Journal of International Financial Markets, Institutions and Money, 53, 200-214.
The use of stock options and credit default swaps (CDS) in banks is not uncommon. Stock options can induce risk-taking incentives, while CDS can be used to hedge against credi...

Compensation consultants and CEO pay

Journal Article
Kabir, R., & Minhat, M. (2014)
Compensation consultants and CEO pay. Research in International Business and Finance, 32, 172-189.
The study examines the practice of employing multiple compensation consultants. Examining data of a sample of UK companies over the period 2003–2006 we find that CEOs receive ...

The Uncertainty of Standard of Value

Journal Article
Minhat, M. (2006)
The Uncertainty of Standard of Value. Accountants Today, 19(2), 32-34
National Accountants Conference (NAC) 2005 recognised accountants as the ‘managers of value’. However, this recognition carries with it a huge responsibility once we comprehen...

The Theory of Uncertainty

Journal Article
Minhat, M. (2005)
The Theory of Uncertainty. Accountants Today, 18(6), 22-23
In the business world, accountants are perceived as individuals with high levels of competency in decision-making involving economic criterion of costs versus benefits, measur...