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A exploration of how mental health nurses learn to provide sexual health care

2019 - date
Ms Avril Hendry | Director of Studies: Dr Mandy Winterton | Second Supervisor: Dr David Whiteley

A radomised controlled experimental study to explore whether and to what extent positive emotions (PE) cause novel or creative thoughts (creativity) via broadened awareness in student nurses

2016 - date
Ms Fiona Carver | Director of Studies: Dr Brian Williams | Second Supervisor: Dr Barbara Farquharson

Evaluating ALBA: A pragmatic evaluation of a behaviour change intervention designed to increase physical activity to improve mental wellbeing

2016 - 2020
Introduction: Physical activity (PA) is beneficial for impr...
Dr Nicola Peddie | Director of Studies: Dr Tony Westbury | Second Supervisor: Prof Austyn Snowden

Exploring the experiences of male caregivers caring for a partner with Alzheimer's dementia: An interpretative phenomenological analysis

2015 - 2020
Mrs Gwenne McIntosh | Director of Studies: Dr Norrie Brown | Second Supervisor: Dr Zoe Chouliara

Real-time 3D graphic augmentation of music therapy sessions for people on the autism spectrum

2015 - 2019
Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is a lifelong neurodevelopmental disorder that can affect people in a number...
Dr John McGowan | Director of Studies: Dr Gregory Leplatre | Second Supervisor: Dr Iain McGregor

A meta-analysis and controlled evaluation of short term pyschological intervention for acute mental health inpatients

2014 - 2018
There is evidence to suggest that psychological therapies for severe mental health ...
Charlotte Paterson | Director of Studies: Prof Thanos Karatzias | Second Supervisor: Dr Paul Hutton

Psychological distress in Polish immigrants in Scotland: a mixed methods study

2011 - 2015
Background: The available research on economic migration suggested that immigrants may be less happy than the indigenous p...
Dr Anna Bak-Klimek | Director of Studies: Prof Thanos Karatzias | Second Supervisor: Lawrence Elliott

The impact of career guidance on well-being outcomes

2008 - 2013
Dr Peter Robertson