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A Critical Evaluation of the Factors that Influence Visitor Engagement with UK Slavery Heritage Museums: A Passive Symbolic Netnographic Study

2020 - 2023
Purpose: The aim of this research is to critically evaluat...
Mr Shemroy Roberts | Director of Studies: Dr Craig Wight | Second Supervisor: Prof Anna Leask

Barriers and Enablers to a Circular Economy in Small Island Destinations: The Case of the Orkney Islands, Scotland

2019 - date
Angelo Sciacca | Director of Studies: Dr Constantia Anastasiadou | Second Supervisor: Dr Gavin Urie

Sustainable festivals and events - an enquiry of leadership and futures

2015 - 2017
As a societal phenomenon, festivals and planned events are discussed in a wide policy context. They have entered a broader discus...
Dr Martin Robertson | Director of Studies: Prof Anna Leask | Second Supervisor: Prof Jane Ali-Knight

An investigation of university and employer perceptions of barriers and enablers of work based learning (WBL) partnerships in the tourism sector in Scotland

2015 - 2020
An investigation of perceptions of work base...
Dr Lynn Waterston | Director of Studies: Prof Paul Barron | Second Supervisor: Dr Matthew Dutton

The role of interactive technology in the co-creation of experience in Scottish visitor attractions

2014 - 2019
" As a sector that is reliant on the creation and management of memorable experiences, visitor attrac...
Dr Ellis Urquhart | Director of Studies: Prof Anna Leask | Second Supervisor: Dr Ivana Rihova

Journey into Higher Education: A study of postgraduate Indian students' experiences, as they make the educational journey, to a new teaching and learning environment in the UK

2014 - 2020
Dr Pauline Gordon | Director of Studies: Prof Paul Lynch | Second Supervisor: Dr Gerardine Matthews-Smith

Heritage interpretation challenges and management issues at film-induced tourism heritage attractions: case studies of Rosslyn Chapel and Alnwick Castle

2011 - 2015
Although previous research has widely acknowledg...
Dr Justyna Bakiewicz | Director of Studies: Prof Anna Leask | Second Supervisor: Prof Paul Barron

Governance of protected areas: the case of Loch Lomond and the Trossachs National Park

2010 - 2016
Dr Stephen Taylor | Director of Studies: Dr Eleni Theodoraki | Second Supervisor: Dr Monika Foster

The role of niche tourism products in destination development

2009 - 2011
Niche tourism refers to how a specific tourism product can be tailored to meet the needs of a particular audience/market segment. Locations...
Prof Jane Ali-Knight | Director of Studies: Prof John Ensor

Customer retention through continuous improvement (CI), culture and customer service

2009 - 2013
Customer retention has long been considered an important element in achieving competitive advantage for business org...
Dr Barbara McCrory | Director of Studies: Dr Nick Pilcher | Second Supervisor: Dr Janice McMillan