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From algorithm selection to generation using deep learning

2018 - 2022
Mhd Rateb Mhd Ziad Alissa | Director of Studies: Dr Kevin Sim | Second Supervisor: Prof Emma Hart

The evolutionary iron law of oligarchy

2016 - 2020
Explaining the origin and the evolution of cooperation has been a major challenge in many scientific fields. One of the outstanding species are humans, who are ca...
Cedric Perret | Director of Studies: Dr Simon Powers | Second Supervisor: Prof Emma Hart

Visualisation techniques to facilitate argument exploration

2015 - 2020
Arguments are structures of premises and conclusions that underpin rational reasoning processes. Within complex knowledge domains, especially...
Dana Khartabil | Director of Studies: Dr Simon Wells | Second Supervisor: Prof Jessie Kennedy

Towards a unified method to synthesising scenarios and solvers in combinatorial optimisation via graph-based approaches

2015 - 2020
Christopher Stone | Director of Studies: Prof Emma Hart | Second Supervisor: Prof Ben Paechter

The meeting journey: Supporting the design of interaction within co-located, collaborative device ecologies

2013 - 2019
I am currently working on a PhD programme in the Centre for Interaction Design, supervised by...
Aurelien Ammeloot | Director of Studies: Prof David Benyon | Second Supervisor: Dr Oli Mival

Mango: A model-driven approach to Engineering Green Mobile Cloud Applications

2012 - 2017
With the growing need of the industry and due to high business demands, there have consequently been high demands of IT pro...
Mr Samuel Chinenyeze | Director of Studies: Prof Xiaodong Liu | Second Supervisor: Prof Ahmed Al-Dubai