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Responding to spaces, places, and community: a portfolio of composition and documentation of praxis

2021 - date
Paul Greene | Director of Studies: Dr Katrina Burton | Second Supervisor: Dr John Hails

Instagram & Snapchat Use: Cultural norms of self-presentation and personal branding among Saudi women athletes

2020 - date
Wesam Basabain | Director of Studies: Dr Kirsten MacLeod | Second Supervisor: Dr Tony Westbury

A Compositional Exploration of Auditory-Visual Synaesthesia

2019 - date
The aim of my practice-based PhD is to determine whether tapping into one’s synaesthesia can assist in the music composition/production proce...
Corin Anderson | Director of Studies: Dr Zack Moir | Second Supervisor: Dr Katrina Burton

Watching Play: Analysing Live Streaming's Affordances to Challenge the Traditional Ways of Understanding Play

2019 - date
Viviana Susanna | Director of Studies: Dr Tara Thomson | Second Supervisor: Dr Sarah Artt

Nineteenth-century girls and authorship: adolescent writing, appropriation, and its representation in literature, c 1860-1900

2015 - 2019
My PhD research focuses on the lived experience and literary representation...
Dr Lois Burke | Director of Studies: Prof Anne Schwan | Second Supervisor: Dr Sarah Artt

City narratives in music: creating musical works that reflect urban realities relating to Valletta

2013 - 2019
"The research explores elements of community, identity, and cultural realities. It explores the way of...
Alexander Vella Gregory | Director of Studies: Mr. Ken Dempster | Second Supervisor: Dr Katrina Burton

Representations of feminist and lesbian consciousness and the use of subversive strategies in selected poetry of Isabella Jane Blagden (1817-1873)

2009 - 2016
Sharon Gordon | Director of Studies: Prof Linda Dryden | Second Supervisor: Prof Bashabi Fraser

Integrating multistylistic influences in a portfolio of compositions

2008 - date
My research involves the integration of elements from a variety of musical styles, with special emphasis on jazz and classical style...
Fraser Burke | Director of Studies: Mr. Ken Dempster | Second Supervisor: Dr Katrina Burton

An investigation into contemporary open musical forms: moving beyond practice emanating in response to the innovations of the New York School

2007 - 2014
Alexander Hunter | Director of Studies: Dr Katrina Burton