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Interaction and participation: Investigating the impact of mobile technologies on screen-based industries and audiences

2020 - date
James Blake | Director of Studies: Prof Chris Atton | Second Supervisor: Dr Kirsten MacLeod

Biogenic construction materials for climate change mitigation and a circular economy: scalability and sustainability

2018 - date
Jim Hart | Director of Studies: Prof Francesco Pomponi | Second Supervisor: Dr Bernardino D'Amico

An Interdisciplinary approach based on Circular Economy principles and Futures Studies methods for anticipatory decision making in Small and Medium-sized entreprises (SMEs)

2018 - date
Mr Ricardo Weigend | Director of Studies: Prof Francesco Pomponi | Second Supervisor: Dr Bernardino D'Amico

Connecting Public Buildings to Low Temperature Heat

2018 - date
Antoine Reguis | Director of Studies: Prof John Currie

Circular refurbishment and adaptability for the British non-domestic stock

2018 - date
Non-domestic buildings are likely to change to domestic use as there is an evident surplus over time across the UK, and their ...
Miss Ana Hernandez Garcia | Director of Studies: Dr Suha Jaradat | Second Supervisor: Prof Francesco Pomponi

Shared ownership and use of vehicles in the Autonomous Vehicle era.

2017 - 2022
Shared ownership and ridership models to determine driverless car use in Edinburgh This research explores the shared ownership and ri...
Mr. Sayed Faruque | Director of Studies: Prof Achille Fonzone | Second Supervisor: Dr Grigorios Fountas

Application of evolutionary machine learning in metamorphic malware analysis and detection

2017 - 2021
Dr Kehinde Babaagba | Director of Studies: Dr Thomas Tan | Second Supervisor: Prof Emma Hart

Investigations into the application of engineered bamboo for future hybrid beams

2015 - 2020
Around half of all non-renewable resources mankind consumes are used in construction sector, making it one of the least ...
Niaz Gharavi | Director of Studies: Prof Johnson Zhang | Second Supervisor: Dr Kenneth Leitch

Sustainable festivals and events - an enquiry of leadership and futures

2015 - 2017
As a societal phenomenon, festivals and planned events are discussed in a wide policy context. They have entered a broader discus...
Dr Martin Robertson | Director of Studies: Prof Anna Leask | Second Supervisor: Prof Jane Ali-Knight

An investigation of university and employer perceptions of barriers and enablers of work based learning (WBL) partnerships in the tourism sector in Scotland

2015 - 2020
An investigation of perceptions of work base...
Dr Lynn Waterston | Director of Studies: Prof Paul Barron | Second Supervisor: Dr Matthew Dutton