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The operatic canon and gender non-conforming (GNC) characters

2021 - date
Ali Mcgowan | Director of Studies: Dr John Hails | Second Supervisor: Dr Sarah Artt

Composition and identity

2020 - date
David Paton | Director of Studies: Dr John Hails | Second Supervisor: Dr Dave Hook

'Mate I’m so Scottish that a makes the Nats cringe'

2020 - date
David Lockhart | Director of Studies: Dr Dave Hook | Second Supervisor: Dr Paul Harkins

‘Abjection hurts’: Race, class, gender, and the demand for a contemporary reworking of the Kristevan abject

2019 - date
Chiara Margiotta | Director of Studies: Dr Sarah Artt | Second Supervisor: Dr Arin Keeble

Musical reading of free-verse poetry: The compositional approach in Songs after Love

2019 - 2022
Ioannis Koufoudakis | Director of Studies: Dr Katrina Burton | Second Supervisor: Dr John Hails

Exploring the history and cultural representation of capital punishment in Scotland

2019 - 2020
Simon McFadden | Director of Studies: Prof Anne Schwan | Second Supervisor: Dr Katrina Morrison

Shaping deaf/hearing alliances in the workshop’s temporary space: a critical ethnographic account from a hearing researcher’s perspective on the Deaf Heritage Collective

2018 - date
Marta Discepoli | Director of Studies: Dr Kirstie Jamieson

Cultural intermediaries in the contemporary British music press

2013 - 2017
Luke Langlands | Director of Studies: Prof Chris Atton | Second Supervisor: Allan Boughey

The influence of duality and Poe?s notion of the ?Bi-Part Soul? on the genesis of detective fiction in the nineteenth-century

2008 - 2010
This thesis examines the meaning, origin and influence of Edgar Allan Poe’s...
Dr Stephanie Craighill | Director of Studies: Prof Linda Dryden | Second Supervisor: Prof Anne Schwan