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Locating Management Accounting Practice in the Caribbean; Mapping the Relationship Between Practice and Performance

2022 - date
Burnett Burnett | Director of Studies: Dr Anna Du | Second Supervisor: James Brown

The influence of securities legislation on corporate governance practice and codes in the CARICOM region

2022 - date
Marlon Yarde | Director of Studies: Dr Emilie Ghio | Second Supervisor: Dr Abhishek Agarwal

A Fuzzy AHP Approach to Translation Quality Assessment of Introductory Texts on Intangible Cultural Heritage (ICH) of Ethnic Areas in China

2022 - date
Hui Qin | Director of Studies: Dr Jane Wilkinson | Second Supervisor: Dr Louise Todd

2022 - date
Christopher Barnes | Director of Studies: Dr Louise Todd | Second Supervisor: Dr Gary Kerr

A Study of Language Planning in Ethnic Minority Areas from the Perspective of Language Economics

2021 - date
Liping Zheng | Director of Studies: Dr Mabel Victoria | Second Supervisor: Dr Jane Wilkinson

Fashion’s environmental price tag: Developing an agent-based model to predict the impact of certified eco-labels on sustainable fashion consumption in Britain.

2020 - 2026
To investigate whether demand side inform...
Suki Kaur | Director of Studies: Dr Sarah Borthwick Saddler | Second Supervisor: Dr Simon Powers

Botched decisions? How young women use social media to make decisions about cosmetic surgery

2020 - date
Jasmiina Milne | Director of Studies: Dr Elaine Mercer-Jones | Second Supervisor: Dr Agata Krowinska

Socio-cultural factors that impact Chinese students studying abroad

2020 - date
Li Zhang | Director of Studies: Dr Vivien Xiaowei Zhou | Second Supervisor: Dr Mabel Victoria

What is the Brand Image of Iran for Different UK Visitor Market Segments?

2020 - date
Mrs Hamideh Shahidi | Director of Studies: Dr Collins Osei | Second Supervisor: Dr Constantia Anastasiadou

A Critical Evaluation of the Factors that Influence Visitor Engagement with UK Slavery Heritage Museums: A Passive Symbolic Netnographic Study

2020 - 2023
Purpose: The aim of this research is to critically evaluat...
Mr Shemroy Roberts | Director of Studies: Dr Craig Wight | Second Supervisor: Prof Anna Leask