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Factors influencing the decision making process for pension scheme management

2017 - date
Mr Tim Burrows | Director of Studies: Dr Nick Pilcher | Second Supervisor: Dr Jennifer O'Neil

Outside-In Thinking: Retail & Fashion Industry Perspectives on Sustainable, Circular Economy, its Benefits and Challenges

2017 - 2023
The interpretive approach develops an understanding on the particularity and co...
Carina Legl | Director of Studies: Dr Miles Weaver | Second Supervisor: Dr John Thomson

International student transitions in Higher Education: Chinese students studying on a professionally accredited undergraduate accounting degree programme at a Scottish university

2012 - 2017
Dr Rachel Findlay | Director of Studies: Dr Brian Windram | Second Supervisor: Norma D'Annunzio-Green

Exploring justifications of "The Social Contract" between the banking sector, financial regulators, and NGOs

2011 - 2020
Dr Paul Langford | Director of Studies: Prof Jill Stavert | Second Supervisor: Dr Holly Patrick

Customer retention through continuous improvement (CI), culture and customer service

2009 - 2013
Customer retention has long been considered an important element in achieving competitive advantage for business org...
Dr Barbara McCrory | Director of Studies: Dr Nick Pilcher | Second Supervisor: Dr Janice McMillan

The potential for 'green' fiscal policy measures to influence individuals' vehicle purchasing decisions in Scotland

2009 - 2015
This research focuses upon measures targeting individuals’ future vehicle purchasing ...
Dr Sarah Borthwick Saddler | Director of Studies: Michael Carreno | Second Supervisor: Kevin Cullinane

The role of niche tourism products in destination development

2009 - 2011
Niche tourism refers to how a specific tourism product can be tailored to meet the needs of a particular audience/market segment. Locations...
Prof Jane Ali-Knight | Director of Studies: Prof John Ensor

Entrepreneurship and the spatial context: evidence on the location of continuing entrepreneurial activity in Scotland

2009 - 2013
Dr Andrew Ross | Director of Studies: Linda Juleff | Second Supervisor: Dr Kenny Crossan

An investigation of factors associated with traffic accident and casualty risk in Scotland

1998 - 2002
Dr David White | Director of Studies: Prof Robert Raeside