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The Representation of UK Slavery Heritage

2020 - date
Shemroy Roberts | Director of Studies: Dr Craig Wight | Second Supervisor: Prof Anna Leask

Exploring the impact of digitisation technologies in supply chain management

2020 - date
Olusegun Akintola | Director of Studies: Dr Eoin Plant | Second Supervisor: Dr Miles Weaver

Socio-cultural factors that impact Chinese students studying abroad

2020 - date
Li Zhang | Director of Studies: Dr Vivien Xiaowei Zhou | Second Supervisor: Dr Mabel Victoria

Mergers and Acquisitions: An International Perspective on Value Creation and Other Motivations for Merger Activities 1998-2018.

2019 - date
Andrew Lebbon | Director of Studies: Dr Maria Mina Rosero | Second Supervisor: Dr Fawad Khaleel

Talent Management

2019 - date
Sara Whinnett | Director of Studies: Prof Thomas Garavan | Second Supervisor: Dr Kirsteen Grant

Women, festival leaders and social transformation: an international comparison.

2019 - date
Bene Piccio | Director of Studies: Dr Louise Todd | Second Supervisor: Dr Martin Robertson

Risk management of the 'Belt and Road Initiative (BRI)' projects - an empirical study of investments of the Chinese state-owned-banks (SOBs) in the region

2019 - date
Lei Kong | Director of Studies: Prof Simon Gao | Second Supervisor: Dr Nazam Dzolkarnaini

The Role of Organisational Cultures on Strategic Decision-Making Process in Oil & Gas Industry: A Case Study of Nigeria, Malaysia and the UK

2019 - date
Ayebatoinpiri Osene | Director of Studies: Prof Maura Sheehan | Second Supervisor: Dr Jennifer O'Neil

Converging smart technologies and circular ecomony in small island destinations: An integrative and systematic approach

2019 - date
Angelo Sciacca | Director of Studies: Dr Constantia Anastasiadou | Second Supervisor: Dr Gavin Urie

The Absent Voice: Female victims of domestic abuse experiences of civil disputes concerning contact between children and parents in Scotland

2019 - date
Gillian Baker | Director of Studies: Prof Richard Whitecross | Second Supervisor: Dr Lesley-Anne Barnes Macfarlane