Employ an apprentice

Are you looking for a new and innovative way to bridge the skills gap in your business or upskill your workforce?

Edinburgh Napier University has developed Graduate Apprenticeships (GA) in consultation with Scottish business and Skills Development Scotland, utilising our extensive experience in successfully providing work based learning opportunities for our students.

Graduate Apprenticeships are designed to meet your needs, and have been developed with industry to bridge the skills gap in key sector areas in Scotland. The flexible nature of work-based learning allows you to influence the development of you Graduate Apprentices to directly benefit your business.

Available to employers in Scotland, Graduate Apprenticeships can be used as an alternative route to degree qualification for school leavers, college students and Foundation/Modern Apprentices or as a development pathway to upskill your current employees.  The course is fully funded by Skills Development Scotland, so there is no fee charged to the employer or apprentice.  The programmes are open to businesses of any size, and they have been designed around the needs of industry, so what your Graduate Apprentice learns at the university will directly contribute to the success of your business.

Why hire a Graduate apprentice? 

  • No tuition fees for you or your Graduate Apprentice
  • Retain top talent by supporting their career development through the degree programme
  • Access to new knowledge brought to you by the Graduate Apprentice as they progress through the modules

Furthermore, you can

  • Offer Graduate Apprenticeships to people who will otherwise not have the opportunity to study for an Honours Degree
  • Develop links with the University enabling collaboration with top academics
  • Work based assessment - learning directly contributes to the success of businesses
  • Enjoy close links to the programmes to ensure they are progressive and relevant to changing industry trends

Edinburgh Napier run  programmes in Computing, Engineering and Business on day release basis.

For more information you can read through our “Information for Employers” handbook, or feel free to get in touch with our team on ga@napier.ac.uk.

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