Sales Management Today

On this short course you will be introduces to the key models and concepts of managing the sales function in the contemporary business environment, the challenges faced by managers/ leaders of sales teams.

4th European Sales Competition at Craiglockhart. Speed selling event with students from Napier, 20 other universities and also industry partners ncluding Eatern Western Motor Group, Hudson, Oracle, APS, Gartner, RBS and Salesforce. By the end of the course, you will be able to evaluate and appraise structuring your business for success. This will include the challenges faced when motivating diverse sales teams, training, goals and rewards in enabling sustained sales performance.

During the course you will have the opportunity of undertaking a mini case study and undertake a piece of reflective work pertinent to your current or previous sales/selling role and company and industry sector and/or to the company/industry sector to which you belong/belonged. You will be assessed via two elements that make up one component: MCQs and a piece of written work, a Report.

Course Contents

  • The role of sales management
  • sales force organisation and deployment
  • Motivation and leadership of the sales force
  • sales force recruitment and selection
  • sales training and development
  • sales skills activity
  • sales target setting
  • sales compensation and rewards
  • sales performance and monitoring
  • Reflective exercise