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Types of offer

We’ll review your application and, if you’re successful, we’ll make you an offer.

Unconditional offer: You've been made an offer to study your course of choice and have no further documents to provide.

Conditional: You've been made an offer to study your course of choice but you still have to provide documentation to show you meet the conditions of the offer before you can receive an unconditional offer. 

If you receive an offer, you’ll need to confirm whether you will accept or decline the offer by notifying for a full-time postgraduate course and for a Postgraduate Online course. Some courses may have a date in which you must accept your offer by - if this is the case the date will be stated in the offer email.

How to meet the conditions of your offer

Here are the details of what we need from you to be able to confirm your place, and when we need it. 


If you've received an offer from us, and we have asked you to submit further information or documents, you should submit these by email to for a full-time Postgraduate Taught course and for a Postgraduate Online course as soon as possible. 

Please note that the course you have applied for might have specific deadline by which all outstanding documents should be submitted. You can find this information in your offer letter if applicable.

We expect to have received your documents, at the very latest, two weeks prior to the start of your course. If you are starting your course in January, please aim to meet the conditions of your offer by mid-December. If you think this deadline might be difficult for you, please notify us at for a full-time Postgraduate Taught course and for a Postgraduate Online course. If you don’t meet the conditions in time, you may be deferred to the next intake.

If you're an international student...

If you require a Student Visa, you will need your unconditional offer and to have paid your tuition fee deposit to get your CAS letter. Your CAS letter will enable you to start the visa application process. This process can take a long time, so we ask that you meet the conditions of your offer as soon as possible.


Copies of original certificates and transcripts showing the title of your qualification and the final overall grade should be scanned and emailed to for a full-time Postgraduate Taught course and for a Postgraduate Online course. We do not require a hard copy of your certificate or transcript. 

We do not accept transcripts with results that have been downloaded from your University's website. If you don’t have your degree certificate after you’ve graduated, you can submit your transcript or a confirmation letter as proof of your qualification instead. It must state that the degree has been awarded and it must state the overall final grade or classification.

If your degree certificate is under a previous name, please ensure you also submit proof of name change (e.g. a copy of your marriage certificate). 

If you’re a current undergraduate student at Edinburgh Napier, contact us at if you have applied for a full-time Postgraduate Taught course and if you have applied for a Postgraduate Online course, when your results have been published so that we can ensure your conditions have been met.

If you're an international student...

If your academic documents are not in the English language, certified and official translations will often be required. We cannot accept a translation that has been completed by yourself.


If we do not specify in the conditions of the offer whether we require an academic or employer's reference, it means that we will accept either. We cannot accept character references which are submitted from friends or family members.

Here’s some further information about the type of references we accept. 

Academic Reference 

This should be a reference from a supervisor or lecturer at your institution that you are known to personally. It should detail:
  • Information about your academic background
  • Your suitability for the course applied for.
We cannot accept confirmation from your Registry department that you are an enrolled or previous student as a reference.

Employment Reference 

This should be from your current employer, and it should detail: 
  • Your current role
  • Your job responsibilities
  • The dates of your employment
  • A short character reference.

Self-employed Applicants

If you are self-employed and are requested to provide an employer's reference, please submit an email address for a client or colleague who knows you well enough professionally to comment on your suitability for a Masters programme. They need to be official references, and therefore you need to provide their business email address, for example rather than

If you're an international student...

English language requirements 

If English isn’t your first language, we may ask you to complete an English language test. You need to have completed the test within two years of the course start date, and the score we require will vary based on the course you’re applying to. The score you need will be stated in your offer email, and you should send your results to for a full-time Postgraduate Taught course and for a Postgraduate Online course.

If you’re applying for a Student Visa, you will need to be able to demonstrate that you have at least a B2 level of English according to the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR). 

Find out more about our English language requirements.

English language pre-sessional courses

If you do not gain the score that has been requested in your offer, please still send in your test certificate as we do have a number of pre-sessional English language programmes for applicants who have fallen just below the required score.

English language courses are not available in place of sitting one of the approved English language tests, they are only available for those applicants who have completed a test and not gained the required score.

Find out more about pre-sessional courses.

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