Sustainable Futures

Sustainable Futures


Edinburgh Napier University was one of the trailblazers in applying lean thinking to Higher Education, introducing the concept in 2009 through the inception of the Sustainable Futures team. The team historically is famous for five-day Rapid Improvement Events (RIEs). These are a concentrated focus on a particular issue, with all the relevant people and resources to hand to develop a solution and improvement.

We are often asked "Why call it 'Sustainable Futures'?". The name comes from a belief that staff working together to solve problems and develop what we do further is key to our long term success.

Central to Sustainable Futures are two concepts; Respect for People, and Continuous Improvement;  by which we mean making the best of the contribution that all our people can give, and always looking to improve how we solve problems and do our work.

Diagram: People + continuous improvement = a sustainable future

There are a number of key principles we apply in our approach to every piece of work. These have their own origins in several improvement methodologies, which are growing in use across the sector, be that Lean, Six Sigma, Systems Thinking, or indeed something else… we find that often the best ideas come from the individuals we're working with.

The main four services we  offer are:

  • Rapid Improvement Events
  • Process Reviews
  • Rapid Impact Analysis, and
  • Coaching.


People are key in making Sustainable Futures happen; it's the contribution of everybody that will enable Edinburgh Napier University to grow ever better into the future and meet our strategic objectives.

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