International partners

We work with many partners around the world on a range of international activities including joint teaching, consultancy, exchange programmes and research.

Internationalisation is a key strategic priority for Edinburgh Napier University. Our approach is not simply focussed on recruiting international students, but is also based on a partnership approach with overseas institutions and businesses.

Our aim is to provide an internationalised experience for all students, enhancing their employability through:
  • the curriculum
  • pedagogic approaches and technology
  • student diversity
  • provision of opportunities for placement and exchange,
  • exchange programmes
  • We also aim to give staff and students the opportunity to collaborate with international partners on teaching, research and projects.

Mobility underpins each of these objectives and as such, the University continues to expand its network of strategic partners to both facilitate the exchange of students and staff and to capitalise on the potential for joint teaching and research activity.

Click on a link below to find out how each of our schools have adopted an international perspective and developed links around the world. 

Global research

Across the world our researchers are creating innovative solutions to global problems.