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School of Arts and Creative Industries

Photography, Film and Television Subject Group

Edinburgh Napier Graduate Attribute Statement for students on Photograpy, Film & TV programmes

Intellectual curiosity and autonomy

A graduate from Photography, Film & Television will be able to demonstrate:

  • Creativity and imagination in the development of practice work which is underpinned by research;
  • Critical thinking exemplified through an understanding of the wider contexts, theories and histories of photography, film or television and the creative industries;
  • Professional level skills as a practitioner within the creative industries;
  • The combination of technical, creative and academic skills required to initiate, realise and communicate imaginative project proposals, individually and in groups;
  • Analytical skills required in order to enable them to update their knowledge and skills independently in the future in a dynamic, constantly changing environment;
  • Confidence in their technical skills and able to develop innovative and imaginative approaches within their creative practice;
  • Transferable skills in research and problem-solving that are applicable to a wide range of situations.

Intra- and entrepreneurship

A graduate from Photography, Film & Television will be:

  • Able to identify new opportunities and trends within the creative industries;
  • Effective in the independent application of research and practice skills within the changing frameworks of the creative industries;
  • Confident in their personal skills to take on a leadership role within a team environment and work together sympathetically with colleagues;
  • Able to work within a team to undertake effective collaboration and make constructive contributions as a group member;
  • Flexible with an open-minded approach so that they are able to adapt their knowledge and skills to a wide range of work-place environments;
  • Able to plan, organize and manage complex projects;
  • Able to express and communicate information effectively in writing and through personal presentations;
  • Self-aware and able to reflect upon, analyse and evaluate personal strengths and weaknesses in the critical assessment of creative professional project work.

Ethical, social and professional understanding

A graduate from Photography, Film & Television will have:

  • An awareness and understanding of their responsibilities under the law as a photographer or film-maker in relation to society and the general public;
  • The integrity required to work within the established professional codes of behaviour, supported by personal moral and ethical codes;
  • An understanding of a set of principles which will support collaboration, fair-play and justice in all their professional activities.

Personal effectiveness and self efficacy

A graduate from Photography, Film & Television will be:

  • Positive and enthusiastic in their approach to creative practice and professional challenges;
  • Independent and self-reliant in generating new ideas;
  • Adaptable to the new developments in technology and changes to the business models in the creative industries;
  • Determined and persistent in working to progress their own career paths.
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